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Woke up feeling incredibly stiff and sore, mostly in my neck. Got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL. Took care of my free book and paid emails, then got on ArcheAge for my morning gardening and some other daily type stuff.

Got in the shower after I felt a bit more awake, and then got me and Casey dressed to go to his friend’s birthday pool party. I wasn’t sure if there’d be swimming before or after or what, so figured we’d go in clothes and could change when needed.

Casey had a ton of fun at the party, there were no tears even though apparently some other kid made fun of his name.

While there, I tried to socialize as much as I comfortably was able to, but I did spend some time scrolling through Facebook and shared a few appropriate memes. My mom messaged asking if I was sharing them because something was going on, or if they were just appropriate.

After we left the pool party, we stopped at Walmart. Casey picked out a few toys with some birthday money he’d gotten from Dave’s Aunt Debbie, and then we went over to the grocery section for some ketchup. I saw the Sweet Tango apples my mom had gotten that Casey liked, and showed them to him. He said he wanted to get some because they were good like the Pink Lady apples he likes.

Headed back home and got back on ArcheAge, doing gardening and some raids. Casey spent some time playing with his new toys, and then used an old box to make a lava monster cave. He’s so creative lol.

While at the party earlier, Jeremy had expressed his feelings for me. One of the things I’d shared on Facebook was kinda about that, because I felt like I was in a spot, and was feeling very conflicted. Daniel ended up messaging me about my posts, so I explained the situation. I was hoping for him to wisen up and claim me as his girlfriend, but instead he accused me of lying to him about not sleeping with anyone else. Throughout the conversation that followed, my stress and anger levels were through the roof. He just kept accusing me of lying, because nobody can fall in love with someone they haven’t slept with?? I fell in love with Daniel at first sight, certainly hadn’t slept with him!! UGH! Finally the conversation just fizzled out, I guess he got busy with stuff with Michael or something, which was fine by me!! It was reset raid time anyway on ArcheAge and I had anger to take out on Abyssals.

Got Casey to bed at the usual time, just after the daily reset raid. Then I got back to ArcheAge and did Halcy, then some gardening before bed.

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