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I was able to sleep in a little bit, but not too late since I planned to leave around 9:30 to start heading to Spook O Ree. I wasn’t intending to boot the computer in the morning but decided I wanted to get my free book & paid emails done before going in. So, while it was doing it’s thing I got some coffee.

While waiting for the emails to come in, I was sure to get an overnight bag packed. Normally I pack a good-sized duffel bag with extras “just in case,” but we never use the extras so I decided to just pack a backpack. Well, two backpacks. I always carry a backpack on me with my purse, some water, and a snack. And, now my collapsible cane will fit in it as well. Then I had a backpack with our clothes and toiletries.

It wasn’t until 9:30 or so that the final of the free book emails arrived, so we left a little later than intended. We stopped at McDonald’s in Onalaska as we always do, then grabbed some drinks and a snack from Walgreen’s, and finally finished the last leg of the trip to Camp Decorah.

We got all registered and then waited around the flagpole to find out where we would be going first. I was amazed by how many people had turned out this year! In my year of doing the Cub Scout thing with Casey, it was by far the busiest event I’d been to so far.

They only divided us into a few groups, based on age. There were still so many kids per group!! First, our group made trail mix and first aid kits, then we went to Shooting Sports for archery and bb-guns. By the time we were done with the bb-guns, it was nearly time for the costume contest!

Casey and I walked back to the lodge, where we’d left our stuff, so he could get his costume put on. Then we headed back to the dining hall for the contest, which would be followed by a spaghetti dinner.

It was so crowded in the dining hall, it was literally getting on my nerves. I also wasn’t really in the mood for spaghetti, and I knew Casey wouldn’t eat it, so I asked if he wanted to go get Subway and then come back for the carnival. He said yes, so we headed to the nearest town and got some dinner there.

When we got back to Camp Decorah, I just parked the car right by the lodge. That would make it easier in the morning to get up and go. We went ahead and headed to the carnival.

This time we were divided by Packs and our group got to go on the Haunted Hike first. It was supposed to be a Haunted Hay-Ride, but for whatever reason, there would be no ride. If I had known that at the beginning, I wouldn’t have booked it through the trails. I was pretty sore by the time we got to the campfire near the end! The campfire was the last part of the Haunted Hike, and we just hung around it and listened to “spooky” stories. They weren’t really scary, they were more jokes than anything. The stories themselves were fine, but the storyteller needed to practice more in the future.

After the stories were done, we went to the inflatables. Casey spent a good hour running through there. The area had cleared out fairly well, but we somehow acquired an extra kid. It was Graham, one of the other Scouts from our Den. I texted his dad, letting him know I had him and where we were going.

We went into the dining hall for a restroom break, then waited around for a while to see if Ben would come and get his kid. He didn’t, and I planned to head to the Circus before going back to the lodge for the night. It turned out that’s where Ben was, so we went there to meet up with him.

The Circus was definitely my favorite part of the festivities. It was neat and funny and all sorts. Casey seemed to enjoy it as well. Once they wrapped it up, we headed back to the lodge.

We stayed up for a little while socializing with some of the other people from our Pack until we were tired enough for bed, then settled in for the night to sleep. I put earplugs in so I wouldn’t hear any snoring, and let Casey know that if he needed anything he would need to come down to talk to me so I could hear him.

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