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Casey had woken up around 3am screaming and complaining that his right ear was hurting. We got him settled back in and I got settled back in for a few more hours of sleep myself. I ended up sleeping until 10am. I’d wanted to get up earlier so I would have more time for some coffee before Cub Scouts, but now I’d need to take Casey to the doctor and see if he was still up for Scouts after.

I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then quickly took care of my free book & paid emails while getting more woken up. Then I got Casey and I dressed so I could take him to the doctor.

They cleaned a small amount of the wax out of that ear just so she could see around it, and it was indeed infected. We got the antibiotic from the InstyMeds dispenser there, and then I asked Casey if he wanted to go to the Cub Scouts thing. He said yes.

I was worried Daniel would be at the park with the Scouts, but he wasn’t. There weren’t many there at all. The adults hung around the campfire talking while the kids played on the nearby playground. Casey did roast me a couple hot dogs to eat, but mostly was playing. We spent a couple hours there, at the event that was supposed to go until morning. Slowly all of us were trickling out, disappointed in the turnout and also cold.

I brought Casey back home and got on Facebook for a while, then got to updating a couple of the adult sites I’m on to reflect that I am a single female and not looking to swing. I stated that I am ultimately looking for a relationship, but I am open to having some fun along the way.

I got Casey ready for bed about the usual time, then got back to surfing on AdultFriendFinder. I ended up chatting with this one guy I’d kind of been looking at for a while, and he invited me over. I’m not really the type to go hook up with someone I’ve never met before but decided to go for it.

It was after 11 when I got to Brad’s house. We hung around watching TV and chatting for a good hour. I found it easy and comfortable to talk to him, completely unlike my shy and awkward self around Daniel. Brad has a fancy computer he built with a triple monitor setup and has played some of the same games that I play. After we chatted a while, we went upstairs for the fun we were both expecting. Then we went downstairs and chatted some more. We even discussed politics and religion without argument. It was getting super late, and I didn’t want to be too tired or oversleep for church in the morning, but we went for round 2 anyway. After that, I headed back home and went to bed.

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