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I slept in a little bit, then got up and got some coffee while the computer booted. As I was going through emails, I saw that I had one from Best Buy’s credit card site. I wasn’t expecting that, so I logged in to check, only to find that I had about $190 available credit beyond my actual credit limit. This would mean that I had that much to spend without having to actually “pay” for anything. I took note of that but was thinking there wouldn’t really be anything for me to buy right now anyway.

I took care of my free book & paid emails, then got on Aura Kingdom to check things. I spent quite a bit of time there messing around.

I ended up looking at Best Buy’s web site to see what kind of deals they had. I saw that they had the Xbox One S system on sale for $150. And they had the latest Amazon Fire tablet for only $30. With tax, I would still be able to get them both for “free.” But then I looked at the Nintendo Switch Lite, still at full price but only $199. In contemplating what to get, I decided on the Xbox One S and Fire combo. Once Casey gets his Switch, he won’t be using my 3ds as much so I’ll be able to play games on it sometimes. And if I got the Switch now, I’d be fighting with him over it for the next few weeks.

I asked Casey if he wanted to go pick it up with me, and we got ready to head out. Unfortunately, it would mean a drive to Onalaska. We went and picked it up and headed straight home before the roads got bad with the freezing rain and snow we were expecting.

Once we got home, I started working on getting everything set up. I put the Xbox in my room since it would primarily be mine. The system came with Minecraft, Sea of Thieves, and a Fortnite pack. I was actually kind of eager to try Fortnite, but I would have to install everything before I could even start to play.

The new tablet came with double the storage of my old one, which was the main thing keeping me from ever using my old one. I got it set up and got a bunch of stuff installed on it, and it barely put a dent in my available space. I was pleased already!

I got Casey ready for bed around the usual time, even though he wanted to mess around on the Xbox. First of all kid, it’s mine and I want to play on it first lol. Second of all, it’s bedtime. I got him tucked in, but then he started asking Dave about a slumber party. Dave said no for whatever reason, and Casey kept asking. I snuggled with Casey for a while and he finally settled in his own bed.

Back at the computer, I got on Fallout 76 since the Xbox was still busy downloading Fortnite anyway. I messed around on there for a while then went to bed.

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