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I woke up to find a text from Brad from after I’d gone to bed. No freaking way, I missed out on 3 consecutive nights?!?! Apparently, he had been having a rough night. I was elated that he’d thought of me and wished I could have gone over to help him feel better, even if only as a distraction. Unfortunately, even if I’d heard his text come in, there was nothing I could have done since Dave had spent the night at Jennifer’s.

I got up and got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails since they’d already arrived. After that, I got on Fallout 76 and spent most of the rest of the day playing on there.

Dave got back from Jennifer’s in the afternoon, and she arrived a couple hours later. I feel so bad for Max, always having to get locked up. He’d wanted to try leaving Max out, but Max is still edgy when the doorbell rings so I wasn’t inclined to make any attempts at leaving him out.

I got Casey to bed around the usual time, and it was right around that time that I heard from Brad that he had gotten home and I could come over in a bit, so I hopped in the shower.

I got over to Brad’s and we hung around, drinking and talking, for a few hours. Then we headed upstairs for the night.

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