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I slept in a bit and woke up not feeling the greatest. I got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails.

Dave took Casey to spend the day and night with Jennifer and her kids. I would put up a fuss about it, except Casey has already met them and likes them so it wouldn’t be fair.

I spent most of the day playing on Fallout 76, taking advantage of the double XP weekend.

I heard from Brad later at night and went over to his house around the usual time. He was listening to a melancholy song and already appeared to be pretty far into his night of drinking.

He told me about something that had happened during the war and became visibly upset. He cried, but then he became super angry about what he’d had to do. He ended up punching his oven and broke it, as well as probably his hands too. There was blood everywhere, and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to hold him, comfort him the only way I know how, even though it wouldn’t be enough. He actually told me to go home, but I wasn’t able to drive. Well, I probably could have driven, but I used the fact that I’d been drinking as an excuse to stay.

After he calmed down we went up to bed. We snuggled, in our special way, and went to sleep. He actually snored throughout the night, which is unlike him. He must have really had a lot to drink. I wasn’t able to sleep, not because of that though but because of my sore throat. I was finally able to fall asleep sometime in the wee hours of the morning.

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