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It was so nice having a boy in my bed! I’d slept pretty decent, too. I had been worried about how it would go with a twin size bed, but it was fine. It was shortly after 8 when we woke up, and Casey was surprisingly still in bed, so Brad left before he got up.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then headed downstairs to get Max out of the basement. I immediately noticed four spots where he’d gotten sick in the night. He’d tried to get sick Thursday or Friday but hadn’t been able to, I was just hoping this would be it.

I got everything in the basement sorted back out, then grabbed my coffee and got started on my free book & paid emails before getting on Fallout 76 on the Xbox for a bit.

Casey got up, so I got him breakfast. He got on the Nintendo Switch and played on there while I went about my business.

I spent a couple hours playing around on Fallout before starting on work. Shortly after I started working, Max started getting sick again. The vet’s office was just about to close, and I was still hoping it wasn’t something serious. Not long after I got that cleaned up, Dave got home and I let him know we needed to keep an eye on Max. He asked why I didn’t take him to the vet first thing in the morning. Well, gee, because at that point he’d only gotten sick a little bit.

Dave and Casey got ready to head out to Jennifer’s for the night, and I kept on working.

I’d gotten some laundry going in the morning since I had to wash my bedding and needed to make sure it was done before bed that night. After three straight hours of working, I took a break to get some chores done. Then, I got back to work for the final hour.

I got back on Fallout for a while and was working on some challenges for a quest I had, but when I tired of doing that I closed it out. I was going to try Halo but had been under the impression that Cyn had the game. She had told me she’d played it, but it wasn’t her copy she’d played and it was on an Xbox that wasn’t theirs. I wanted to do something with her, so since she couldn’t play Halo I ended up getting on Minecraft.

We hadn’t been in Minecraft long when I noticed an unread message on AdultFriendFinder from Daniel. He was saying that Michael was asking about a play date with Casey. That’s the only reason I hadn’t blocked him on there, was for the sake of the kids. Naturally, he was only using that as a foot in the door. He then asked me about having coffee on Monday. I turned him down, using work as an excuse. The conversation carried on, much of him trying to get me to come over or something, and me saying no. He knows about Brad, so I don’t know why he was even bothering.

I had told Mindi about the messages from Daniel before I’d even read the first one. Apparently, he’d been trying to get with Jamie again, too. But she was trying to work things out with her ex. I guess he even went so far as to threaten to give a statement against her to get her kids taken away. What the fuck is wrong with him?

I also sent a message to Leanne, letting her know that the boys could have a play date any time, that it did not need to be arranged through Daniel. I’m hoping that I can start arranging the play dates with her so that I can just block Daniel from contact across the board and not worry about it anymore.

But back to Brad. I’d sent him a message when Dave was heading out with Casey, and he replied later in the night. We ended up making arrangements for him to come over again. I told Daniel I was going to Brad’s though because I didn’t want him getting enraged and coming over to mess with our vehicles or whatnot.

So Brad came over, but I didn’t lock Max up again since he was sick. For a guy who’s not crazy about cats, he sure does get them eating out of the palm of his hand! Max absolutely adored him, and I adored watching them together. First in the kitchen as we hung around chatting, and then on my bed where they snuggled until we got ready to crawl into it.

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