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I got up at a reasonable time, got some coffee while the computer booted, then took care of my free book & paid emails before getting started on Census work. I completed my first questionnaire with one person, but no one else was home at the other addresses.

I had a few hours to unwind from that once I got home, then I got ready for work at Kwik Trip. It went ok, Justin got most of the cleaning done while I helped the steady flow of customers. I was getting increasingly sore from mostly standing there, but at least I wasn’t having to lift or move heavy objects. The truck didn’t make it there until around 11, and we weren’t able to get everything put away, but we did our best and got out of there by 12:30.

I headed back home, and once I got home I sent Brad a “Thinking of You” Bitmoji. I was hoping it would trigger a response if he was still up, but I also felt bad that I’d broken my good streak of not texting.

I made the rounds on some games, then headed to bed.

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