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I tossed and turned all night long. I had a lot on my mind. Namely, Brad. All the things I had been thinking about on Friday night, I was stewing on while I tried to sleep. I finally got a few hours of sleep sometime after 3am, but woke up feeling tired and sore.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got parked on SL so I could take care of my free book & paid emails. I also noticed that there would be an important letter coming in the regular mail from the Monroe County Housing Authority. I hoped this was the letter I’d been waiting for. That my name was up on the list, and I would be free.

I spent the day chatting with Cyn on SL while repeatedly going out to check the mail, hoping Dave would not get home from Jennifer’s until the mail had arrived. I did not get what I hoped for, he got home and the mail still hadn’t come. Thankfully, when the mail did finally get here, I was able to go out and get it without Dave noticing.

The mail truck broke down in front of our house, the lady had been on her phone with someone when I went out to get my letter and she told me she thought a brake line went out.

I headed back inside to read my letter, but it was not at all what I was hoping for. It was to inform me that the wait was being extended from 12+ months to 24+ months. I’d been under the impression my wait would only be a few months. It was unclear if the wait time is for getting into an apartment, or for the actual financial rental assistance. I will need to call them Monday and clarify. I don’t know if the rent being 30% of my income is with or without assistance. I need to find out.

Later in the evening, Cyn and I got on Minecraft so we could complete our journey to the 10ks and then head back home. I had an inventory full of goodies, but a creeper blew up and the blast flung me over a cliff’s edge and I died. Since I’d picked up my bed, my respawn point was back at home. We were 8k blocks away. Cyn was able to make her way safely down to retrieve my sword for me, and then she headed back home. While she journeyed, I fished.

After she got back home from the long trip, we got back on SL and tried to go check out a Hello Kitty event. It must have already ended. We went to the store that was sponsoring the event, but we weren’t impressed. It wasn’t all Hello Kitty, which was what we were wanting.

She took me to a gacha place that she likes to go to, but then it was getting late so I decided to shut everything down and go to bed. It was after 1am, and I needed a good night’s rest.

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