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I hadn’t slept very well at all due to some strange dreams I had. But I woke up next to Brad, and that made it all better. When he woke up, he wrapped his arms around me and proceeded to do some naughty things lol. Afterward, he got up to let his dog, Bailey, outside. I got dressed and headed downstairs as well. He was out of coffee and said he needed to go to the store. He also had to get some cleaning done for a house showing later in the day. So I headed on home.

I got some coffee while the computer booted, then got on SL. I didn’t feel like changing clothes, so I just parked for a while.

Dave was in the shower, and when he got out he went off on me for not telling him I was going anywhere the night before. First of all, he’d asked me not to disturb him, so I respected his wishes. Second of all, I didn’t sneak out or anything. He would have heard me leave and know where I was going. And finally, if he really needed to know where I was or let me know anything, he has my number. Anyway, he ended up telling me I have until July 1 to move out. So I told him I was taking Casey with me. He made up some bullshit about me having no job history, just trying to get under my skin. Good luck with that, you have no power over me anymore. I am free!

I took care of my free book & paid emails, then worked on laundry and cleaning the bathroom while talking to Colin and waiting to hear from Cyn. Since Dave and Casey were heading out to Jennifer’s to spend time with her and her daughters, I had the freedom to do as I pleased on the computer without interruption or yet more bitching. I ended up getting on Astellia with Cyn, and we spent the rest of the day on there. At first, I didn’t think it would run well. I quickly logged out of SL and then turned the graphics settings down on the game, and then it ran fine.

Dave and Casey finally got back around 9. Casey was in a foul mood. He was overtired because it was a half-hour past his Saturday night bedtime. He was whining and fussing, asking for more time. I said he could have more time, but that it wouldn’t be with electronics, but he spent that time whining and fussing and got upset when I indicated that time was up. I ended up just turning his light to blue, his favorite color, and turning on his music, then heading to my room. He started screaming-crying and Dave went and coddled him. No, he was whining and fussing to get his way and coddling teaches him that it is ok to do that! Ugh! But Casey calmed down and asked me to read to him, which I did. Once he was tucked in, I got back to Astellia for a bit before going to bed myself.

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