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After the final few hours were spent tossing and turning in lustful need, it was finally time to get up and get going for the day. Cubmaster Scott and the Webelos made breakfast for everyone, then we headed down to the Dahl center to meet with the rest of the Scouts that were coming for the day. While we awaited further instruction, I sent Brad a text asking about 9-ish. He responded that he had his kids that night. That’s awesome for him since I know he wants to spend more time with them, but admittedly it sucks for me because I want to spend more time with him. And I’d love to meet the girls, but he’s not ready for that step yet.

Once everyone had congregated, it was announced that everyone should head out to the flagpole. We got our schedule and headed part of the way there, but trudging through the snow made my knee sore and I had to stop. They performed a flag ceremony, then we were sent to our various activities to start the day.

First, we were to participate in building a campfire and roasting mallows, so we headed to the meetup place. They ended up going for a hike, so Casey and I went back to the Dahl center for some hot cocoa. During the time our group was supposed to be hiking, we headed back to where the campfire activity was supposed to be, and that was when I discovered that we’d been with the wrong group for the first activity. Why they even had two groups meeting at the same place for two different activities is beyond me. Casey and I enjoyed the campfire, but there were no mallows to be roasted. That was disappointing. After we’d had our fill of campfire smoke, we headed back to the Dahl center. Our group was supposed to do a craft next, but Casey just wanted to go home. We’d originally planned to stay until after lunch, but if he was already getting fussy we may as well leave, so we did.

We made it home just in time because Casey really had to pee. He made it to the bathroom, stubbing his toe on the door on the way, while I was unloading the car. I got him snuggled under a blanket to warm up so his toe would feel better, then hopped in the shower.

After my shower, I took care of my free book and paid emails, then got on Astellia. I started on my two alts to collect their event packs, then got on my main. I hung out on her while getting the usual daily login, and Casey played on the Switch on my bed. After a while, I made him a bath so he could get cleaned up, and he soaked in there for a couple hours.

I got Casey some dinner a bit later than intended, then had him get ready for bed. Once he was snuggled in, I logged out of Astellia and headed to be myself. I’d gotten the daily login pack and was exhausted.

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