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I got up earlier than I would have liked. I grabbed some coffee while the computer booted, then messed around on Facebook while waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive. I took care of those and then went back to doing stuff on Facebook.

I was disappointed to not have heard from Brad after the risque text I’d sent him the night before, but I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything anyway since I’d just seen him Thursday night. It’s only ever happened one other time that I’ve ever heard from him two nights in a row. But I really did think that the text I’d sent Friday would have triggered that again. Oh well. It did kinda put me in a bit of a “blah” mood though.

I talked to Cyn for a while in the late afternoon, and the way she talked I thought that maybe she would get the Minecraft Beta. But then I wasn’t hearing from her for a while, so I got on Black Desert. I played with Harley from the guild for a while, and then finally heard more from Cyn. She did end up getting the Beta, so I switched back to Minecraft and we messed around on it together.

I tried going in the world we’d been playing in before she got all weird and didn’t want to do anything. Unfortunately, it had reverted back to an earlier state and we’d lost a lot of progress. The entire Aquarium I’d built was gone, I was so frustrated.

I discovered there was a way to get achievements back after having played in Creative mode, by editing the world, so we switched the world we were playing in to Creative and played until I was ready for bed.

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