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I got up earlier than expected but was glad to. My back was as sore as if I’d just gotten off work, not good. I hobbled into the kitchen to get some coffee while the computer booted, then scrolled through Facebook while waiting for my free book & paid emails to arrive. Once they’d come in, I took care of them.

I tried to take a nap a while after my emails were done, but I wasn’t able to sleep, and then Dave and Casey got back from their trip down to meet Dave’s brother to give him a lawnmower. They were making a raucous, so I got back up.

I read for a while, and then got on the computer for a bit and just scrolled through Facebook again. I checked things on Black Desert but didn’t stay on for very long.

I sent Brad a text asking him to send a thumbs-up emoji if he wasn’t in jail, the hospital, or the morgue. I still got nothing back from him. My worry increases daily about how he’s doing.

Later in the evening, after spending some more time finishing the book I’d been reading, I got on Fallout 76. I stayed playing on there for the rest of the night, only taking a break to get Casey ready for bed and tucked in.

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