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Ready to give up!

This is why I gave up to begin with… I did great all day Saturday, I was so happy about it! I don’t know what changed…

When he goes to latch, instead of opening wide, he makes a rapid chomping motion. I can’t get my nipple in fast enough. Or if he latches good then he squirms so much he goes into the wrong position. It hurts even with the shield I just spent $10 on. Then he gets frantic because he’s not getting any food. This was what he did right after birth that quickly led to no milk supply and him (feeling like he was) starving.

I can’t dedicate myself to pumping, the time it would take would just overwhelm me.

I don’t even know if he’s getting enough to eat. He sleeps about 8 hours at night, then eats. The last 2 mornings he’s gone back to sleep for 5 hours then I wake him up for food. The amount of food I think he got, me and formula combined, should have had him up after 3 hours tops. The same thing pretty much repeats – sleep too long then eat. Then in the late afternoon and evening he keeps himself awake, despite lots of yawns, is super cranky, inconsolable at times, but does eat more frequently. Then it’s bed time. Rinse. Repeat.

At least with formula I know he’s getting enough to eat.

But this was what I wanted! Well, originally only for the first 6 weeks then I was planning to go back to work. Now that i’m staying at home I would love to be his sole food source, at least until solids are introduced…

Tomorrow i’m going to see about a lactation consultant… I’m not going to give up without a fight!

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