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Pregnancy Week 38

Leading up to today’s appointment, I started having lots of questions, all pretty much centered around the same thing.

I’ve having two kinds of pains that I hadn’t been sure which were the type of contraction I should be timing if they start to get close together. One pain is similar to a menstrual cramp, and the other isn’t necessarily a pain, but I can feel my upper uterus tightening. It can get very uncomfortable, though I can’t necessarily say painful.

My other concern, which is related, is that I may not feel any change in the contractions as they change over from Braxton Hicks to the real thing. I know people who didn’t even know they were having contractions. One friend said she didn’t feel anything, that the only reason she went to the hospital was because she couldn’t get comfortable to go to sleep. I’ve had all this pain for the 2nd half of my pregnancy, to the point of being unable to work for the past month, but how do I know if the contractions will be painful? Just because I’m having pain now doesn’t mean my contractions will be painful.

The midwife said that when I feel the upper uterus tightening, that is probably the contractions, so that’s what I should start timing if they seem to get close together.

We discussed in greater detail all the concerns about inducing labor, and the delivery whether it be vaginal or cesarean. The doctor assured me that inducing labor is not harmful to the baby, otherwise he would not suggest it. And we do not have to decide right now, we can wait and see how I’m doing. If I feel like I’m at my breaking point Monday, I can get in earlier to see the doctor to be checked to see if it’s ok to induce. Otherwise my appointment will be Wednesday.

The midwife checked me and I am dilated to 1cm and effaced about 60-70%. So, things are definitely progressing, and it’s definitely to the point of “could be any time now!”

It seems like I hardly had any questions leading up to this point, and now suddenly I’m filled with them. I didn’t have a lot of uncertainty throughout the pregnancy, but now that it’s time to consider labor and delivery, I am never certain. I’m used to everything having some sort of plan, and this now is entirely out of my control. He could come tonight, or in a couple weeks. The doctor would not let me go past 41 weeks. I asked, relating to the induction, what the difference is between inducing at 39 and waiting until 41… and basically it’s just a matter of whether I get to my breaking point.

Some days I feel like I’m close to my breaking point… but I’m still hanging on. I’m getting impatient to meet my little pumpkin, but I don’t want to rush him before he’s ready. Well, I guess I have been doing a lot of things that can help induce labor, but none of those things seem to be scientifically studied. Dave and I had sex on Saturday, I went for a walk the other day, I’ve been eating spicy foods, or other foods suggested for inducing labor. So far, things are progressing for sure, but not necessarily as fast as I hoped. With all my pain and my bipolar issues, I just wish he’d come NOW…

That’s about all for this week I think…

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