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Post-Op Wednesday

Wednesday was a very rough day.

I hadn’t slept the best, of course, but managed to get up on time and get Casey ready for school. My dad arrived about quarter to 7 to take Casey to the bus stop for me. Afterward, he checked to see if I needed any help with anything, then headed to Walmart to get me some bandages for my knee and chill in his hotel room until it was time to come back to wait for Casey.

Got on SL to get dressed for the day, and then Wiz to do my gardening.

A little after 9, Colin woke up, so we got to Skype for a while, while I messed around with Sims 4. I wasn’t having any luck with getting my Sims 3 data to restore, so I figured I may as well.

My dad came back a little after 11 to wait for the bus. At first, he walked over to the bus stop. I called him to let him know the bus would just drop Casey off at our house.

Got Casey some lunch, and Grampy helped with putting dishes away from the dishwasher. The two of them hung out, and at one point went out for more bug catching.

I spent a good chunk of time finding and installing adult mods for Sims 4. I had difficulty installing them at first. Eventually I somehow discovered that the files were all duplicated between my regular User directory and my OneDrive directory. The same applied for the Sims 3 files. So, I went through the process to stop syncing the folders with OneDrive, and moved everything to the User directory instead. Just to test, I launched Sims 3. My saved town was restored!! My mods on Sims 4 were then working correctly as well.

My dad left around 4 again, so I was able to Skype with Colin some more.

Had leftover tacos for dinner. There would be plenty for Dave, too. He wasn’t home yet when me and Casey ate.

Colin and I off the call a little while after I ate.

By this point my leg was incredibly sore, and I wondered if it was because I hadn’t been elevating it properly, per the doctor’s orders. It’s rather difficult to elevate my leg, aside from laying in bed all day and night. I just can’t do that. Sitting at the computer desk, it’s just not practical. I don’t want to hobble down the stairs to the recliner, because then I’d just have to come back up for any number of reasons, since the living room is the only room downstairs besides the basement.

Dave got home after 7 again. By then I was laying on the bed, knee held elevated with a pillow under it, while Casey played Mario Kart on the futon next to me. I nearly fell asleep several times. I wanted to just go to bed, I was so exhausted, but I think I partially felt like Dave would be exasperated if I didn’t put Casey to bed, and partially that I would regret it since I’ve done it almost every night since he was born.

Got Casey to bed earlier than usual, which is probably when he should be going to bed anyway. Had a bit of ice cream and then went to bed myself.

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