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Post-Op Tuesday

I got up and got Casey ready for school. Dave took him to the bus stop.

I was able to talk to Colin on Skype from when he got up until he left for a dental appointment. During that time, I did my usual morning stuff.

I started having a panic attack around 9:30 in the morning. Thankfully, I was able to take some Xanax, since I wasn’t taking the Percocet, and did some stuff online to distract me. I tried launching The Sims 3, but couldn’t load my saved town.

When Colin got home from his appointment, I was able to talk to him some more.

I hobbled out to the front stoop with my crutches to wait for Casey when he got off the bus.

My dad arrived around 1pm. They hung around for a little bit, and then my dad took Casey out around the neighborhood, so I was able to talk to Colin some more again.

My dad helped a bit with getting a few things done, but mostly he helped with Casey. I had difficulty staying in my chair, even though I knew I should really be in bed with my leg elevated.

I kept trying to get The Sims 3 to load my saved game, but it wouldn’t. I transferred the original save data so many times, but it just wouldn’t work. I even tried re-entering the original registration details, but got errors. Probably because the game was already registered with Origin. I ended up creating a new character, but then when it came to the point of building her dream house, I didn’t have it in me to do it. I was so disappointed and pissed off that my save wouldn’t load.

Around 4, I broke down and washed some dishes. I couldn’t bring myself to just leave them for Dave, even though he’s the one who left them in the sink. I could have asked my dad to wash them for me, but he was still occupying Casey.

My dad left a little before 5. He’d been up since before dawn to catch the flight in, and was exhausted. I can’t blame him! Even Casey was exhausted! Lord knows I was!

Since Dave wasn’t home yet, I got on Skype again with Colin. While we were on the call, I made Tacos for dinner. Moving about the kitchen was difficult, at best. I was pretty sore after. Sat down at the table with Casey to eat, and stayed on the line with Colin until about 7, when I got off so I could shower.

The shower didn’t do so good. I had trouble getting in, standing steady, and getting back out. The pain afterward was so horrible. I felt like that leg was losing strength in it over the course of the day.

Dave got home while I was in the shower. He got changed into workout clothes and went to the garage to work out. Meanwhile, Casey was fussing and whining about something or another he wanted but we said no to.

I got Casey a bath while Dave was working out. It was just a quick bath, so I sat on the toilet lid and made Casey wash his body himself, so all I had to do was his hair.

Got Casey to bed as soon as he was dry from his bath. Like the night before, I sat on his bed to read his bedtime story to him.

Dave said he had leftover ham and sweet potatoes for dinner, so that I could have something easy (tacos) the next day. I was pretty irritated about this, because I’d worked hard to cook the tacos, just for him to eat something else. I should have been grateful, that there’d at least be a relatively simple meal for me to prepare for myself, but I wasn’t.

After I got Casey into bed, I launched the CBS App on my computer and watched an episode each of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans.

Then I went to bed.

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