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Post-Op Thursday and Friday

Got up and got Casey ready for school Thursday. Grandpa got here about 6:45 again, took Casey to the bus and headed straight back to the hotel.

My leg felt better to start the day, the calf wasn’t as tight.

Got my usual stuff done on SL and Wiz, then hopped back on Sims 4.

Colin got up a little after 9 my time. We talked for a couple hours, until my dad got back to be there when Casey got dropped off.

I asked my dad what he thought about us going out for lunch. I can’t just stay in the house all the time. When Casey got home I asked him where he’d like to eat. He just wanted to eat at the Subway inside Walmart. That was fine, because then after I could get an electric cart and we could head over to the toy section with Casey to pick out a birthday present for his best friend, Elijah.

So, we headed to Subway, I took my crutches with because I didn’t need to do that much walking on my leg yet. I got some Southwest Steak wrap, can’t remember exactly what, Casey got a pepperoni pizza, and my dad got a turkey sandwich.

After we ate, I got the electric cart and we headed in the direction of the toy section. I stopped by the pharmacy to get some more butterfly closures for my leg wounds, since I was almost out.

Casey picked out a 5 pack of hot wheels for Elijah, and I grabbed a Barbie accessory pack that was like going to the movies for Barbie. I can’t help it lol. Then we started making our way to the checkout. On the way, the electric cart battery died, so I had to use my crutches the rest of the way.

By the time we were checked out and heading out the door, I was in a ton of pain and exhausted. We headed straight home, but on the way I realized the rent check I’d written 8 days before hadn’t gotten dropped off yet. We stopped at the rental office and I took it in. Then we headed home. Home Chef had arrived while we were out, so I got that put away and then sat down to rest.

Casey got on my Nintendo for a little bit, and then around 2 went outside for a little while with Grandpa. So, I got to talk to Colin a bit more.

Dad left around 4 again. I’d asked him earlier about chopping some Home Chef veggies, but had also ordered a couple super easy meals from them and had leftover Chili in the fridge, too, so told him I didn’t need help with that yet after all. Once he was gone, Colin and I were able to talk again.

I had Chili for dinner, it was pretty good.

Dave got home about 7 again.

Once I got Casey to bed a little after 8, I was pretty tired, so instead of watching my shows I just stayed playing Sims 4. Got my gardens checked on Wiz a little after 10 and headed to bed.

Got up about 8 Friday. I’d set an alarm for 9:30, but must have gotten enough sleep. Did some stretching exercises on my calf before getting out of bed. That seemed to help with the knot.

Saw on the weather that there were scattered snow showers. In May. I never actually saw them myself, but the weather app said they were happening.

Sent my dad a txt a little before 9 to let him know we were up. He was planning to pick Casey up and take him back to his hotel to play at the little indoor water park there. He got to our house about 10. I spent a bit of time downstairs with the two of them, and then got Casey dressed to go out. Grandpa asked him if he liked Culver’s, so I guess he was taking him there for lunch, too. Casey does like Culver’s. Especially the free ice cream you get with a kid’s meal lol.

While they were out, I talked to Colin on Skype while playing on Sims 4.

Grandpa brought Casey back around 1. They played in the living room for a while, and read a book together. Then Casey laid on my bed with the Nintendo for a bit.

My dad helped me with some of my laundry stuff, and the headed out around 4 again. He asked if there was anything else I needed. Dinner was one of the super simple Home Chef meals, so no, I didn’t need anything else.

Talked to Colin for a bit more, until between 5 and 6 when Dave got home.

The Home Chef was a cranberry almond chicken sandwich. It was pretty good. It didn’t come with a side, so I had foccacia crackers with mine.

Spent the evening on Sims 4 again.

Got Casey to bed a bit later since he didn’t have school the next day.

Got back on Sims 4 and eventually convinced Colin to Skype for a bit before bed.

Overall, my leg was much better all day. I continuously did stretching exercises to work the knot out of my calf.

Think I got to bed around midnight.

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