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On MY watch!

So, I was a little upset after my shift at work yesterday…

I spent a good part of the first block of my shift on a ladder to straighten up the condom section. One of the reasons I have this job is because there was a need for theft prevention in that area particularly. They steal just to steal… they know they could get free condoms from the health department, but they’ll steal whatever they can, just to say they did it. So anyway, after getting all that straightened up, I was happy with myself. Job well done! w00t! While cleaning it up, I noticed a bottle of Astro-Glide that had emptied itself and caused a mess. YUCK! So I had maintenance deal with that. All this was during the first block of my shift.

Lunch, 2nd break… all’s well.

After my 2nd break, during the last 1:40, I noticed an empty package of some durex multipack. It was not empty earlier in my shift. Someone managed to get it ON MY WATCH! I had spent all that time before my lunch getting that area spiffy, and somebody managed to steal something afterwards, while I was there! More than likely it was when I was on my lunch or 2nd break. I was so upset! I cannot believe that I couldn’t successfully do the main part of my job they hired me for! I’m so upset! I can’t believe someone got it on my watch!

I realize it’s not my fault, and that I can’t prevent every shoplifter, because they know our store better than we know it… but, it’s still upsetting.

Oh, yeah, and I guess the theft in our store (“shrink” as they call it) is so freaking high that our store manager is at risk of losing her job. But she’s so nice! I heard she has 3 chances, and is on her last one… and if she can’t keep the shrink low enough, then she’s out.

Jewelry had $37,000 shrink in a year or something, which is ridiculously high. The shoplifters know that there aren’t enough associates to really stop the theft, so that’s how it continues. So then the manager does need to hire more people! Especially for 3rd shift! For the whole store!

When I was on my way out, I saw a group of about 5 teenagers coming in, after 10pm, and I just knew by looking at them, they were going to get away with a lot. It’s so sad.

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