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On friendship…

So, there’s something I have been thinking about for a long time that I just want to share…

What happens when people argue with one another? Well, Person A tends to tell their family and/or other friends their side of the argument, while Person B tends to do exactly the same thing. They might even talk trash about each other to their family and/or other friends. This can, understandably, lead to Person A’s family and other friends not thinking very highly of Person B, and maybe even vice versa. Now, sometimes Person A and Person B, in that wonderful “getting to know you” phase, may argue a LOT. Especially when one of them has a tendency to take things the wrong way and blow them way out of proportion. That can put an even larger strain on all the family and other friends, and some of them may even wonder why Persons A and B even bother trying to be friends.

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