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Ok, here goes nothing...

So, I'm a bit frustrated. I've been using LiveJournal for MANY years, at some point I'd even gotten a paid/permanent account there. But a number of things has happened since I joined and I'm just not sure I'll continue to use it.

First of all, people just don't use it like they used to. At least, the people on my friends list don't. I like that you can set different viewing permissions, like if I want one post public and shared to Facebook I can set it that way, whereas if I want a post to be Friends-Only or even Private, I can set it those ways as well. Most of my entries have been Friends-Only, but if my friends aren't even viewing them anymore then what's the point?

Second of all, they did something with their cookies that my browser doesn't like so long as I'm logged in. See, I've had my own personal home page for even longer than I've had LiveJournal. My hosting provider has changed over the years, but I've maintained the site itself. I've always embedded my LiveJournal on the front page of my web site. Well, ever since this cookie problem started, I get an error that "LiveJournal has redirected you too many times." I was once able to fix it with Chrome Flags, but then the browsers updated again and that fix was removed.

So idk, I suppose if I consider myself a "blogger," maybe I should try blogging publicly more? We'll see how this goes.

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