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Oh, baby!

I had an appointment with Dr Yates lined up for today, but I ended up getting squeezed in on Monday morning. I’ve been having the groin pain again, and the lack of sleep (even taking Ambien) have made me unable to find relief from that pain. Also, it would seem that Pregnancy and Bipolar don’t mesh well in the 3rd trimester. I’ve been going absolutely nuts! So the Dr gave me Buspar, rated Pregnancy safe for anxiety. I’ve been feeling better, and made it through my whole shift at work yesterday!

I asked the Dr if he was going to check my cervix when I *measure* 39 weeks, or when I am actually at 39 weeks. He says when I am 39 weeks, which would be my August 29 appointment. He says that, since I am now measuring 2 weeks ahead, I can ask to be checked at 38 weeks, which would be my August 22 appointment. I’m going to see if he could check me at my August 15th appointment, though, because I will be at about 37.5 weeks so I think that should be close enough.

I had an ultrasound today. It was supposed to be a 3d/4d but the little stinker was sleeping with his arm covering part of his face and his head pressed against placenta so she couldn’t get any really great pics. So, she took some measurements, that she said she usually doesn’t do for the 3d/4d patients. Baby’s measuring right now at an EDD of August 11, which I assume is +/- 2 weeks? Regardless of measurements, he’s either going to come when he’s ready, or be induced between August 20 and 27.

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