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Not a Terrible Thursday

Slept ok Wednesday night. Not great but not bad. Woke up earlier than expected again on Thursday, and fortunately Casey was already up again, too. Got him ready for school and dropped him off.

No crazy errands today! I came straight home! My knee was already paying for it enough after Wednesday’s shenanigan’s. Got some more coffee, got parked on SL, then got on Minecraft for a while. Oddly enough, when I went to get on, Autumn and Jordan got kicked off the server. It did that once when Colin was on it before me, too.

I went and changed into my old glasses, because my favorite ones that I usually wear have been hurting my face and head more and more. I’m sensitive to the metal in them. They’re plastic, but it’s plastic covering up metal. The metal is still getting to me. The old glasses are metal as well, but they’re small and light. I was hoping that would outweigh the fact that it was metal straight against my face and head.

Over a couple of hours of the “same ole same ole” on Minecraft, I was also dealing with getting disconnected from the server a lot myself. Colin said I was going offline/online on Origin as well, so I rebooted the modem and router. I actually let them sit for about 5 or 10 minutes and cool off before plugging them back in.

Got back on Minecraft and continued playing for a couple hours. It was still more of the “same ole same ole.” I wanted to go to the Nether to fight Withers for their skulls, but Autumn and Jordan actually ended up signing off about the time I was getting ready to mention it. They were going to spend the day with her niece.

A little while after they went off, I got off as well, and got on Dungeons & Dragons Online. I had only tested it one time, and stopped playing when I got to the first dungeon alone. I played through a couple dungeons without seeing anybody else around. Finally I saw another player, and said something in chat about them being the first person I’d seen since I’ve been playing, but they never responded. I was feeling ready to stop playing it at that point, because MMO’s are just not fun to play when you don’t have anybody to play them with.

It was around that time that Colin went off for the day to get some dinner and get to bed. I had told him I was toying with the idea of trying to read again, because it’d been probably a solid year since I’d even tried. I started to try and open the book on my kindle, but it was running slow. It stays on all the time, and it’d been a while since I’d cleaned it. So, I went through a cleaning cycle, in the hopes that, by the time I was done, I’d still be in the mood to give it a shot.

While I was letting the kindle rest, I finally called the dentist to schedule appointments for me and Casey to get our cleanings and exams. It’s been since within the few months before we moved here since we’ve last had our cleanings! Ick!

When the kindle had been cleaned and had enough of a rest, I powered it back on. Waited for it to be ready. Loaded the book, and read. And, surprisingly, I was actually interested in the book!! I didn’t hate it like I had when I started it! I actually finished the book!! I looked it up, and found I’d started the book on December 8, 2016. It took me over a year and a half to finish the book. When I got stuck in the middle of it back then, it was just because I’d lost interest in the series. It wasn’t as appealing to me as previous books in the series. I’m one of those who, once I start a series, I have to finish it. And I can’t read anything else, except for maybe non-fiction, until I do. So far, this series has 61, going on 62, books in it. I’ve just finished book 34. I was current with the series back in December of 2016. Now I’m way behind.

Once I was done with the book, I started looking into information on the Kindle Unlimited. That’s how I’d gotten the book, but it was $10 a month to borrow 10 books at a time for something I’ll only use for one book at a time. I couldn’t figure out if these books were part of the “Prime Reading” or not, which is included with our membership already. I decided I’d just have to take the chance on it. If it’s part of Prime Reading, great! If not, I would either have to suck it up and pay the $10 a month, or suck it up and buy the books, or suck it up and give up on the series for a while. I’m really hoping they’re part of Prime Reading. I’d like to see this series out now that I’ve regained interest in reading these books.

I ended up canceling the Kindle Unlimited, but it doesn’t do a prorated refund. So, I have until August 17th to utilize the membership. I’m hoping to keep this renewed interest in reading, and in reading these particular books. I’m hoping to read as many as them as I can while I have access to the service, in case I lose access to these books after the membership expires.

Once I sorted all that, I went back to reading. I read on and off the rest of the night, and went to bed about 10:30.

Picked Casey up at the usual time. He laid by me for a while then went off to play in his play room.

Dinner had been leftover roast and vegetables, still tasty.

When Dave had gotten home, he asked why I was wearing the old glasses, so I told him.

He had chips and cheese for dinner.

About an hour before I went to bed, I got a text from my mom. She said that my grandma had fallen when she was cooking dinner, and had broken her pelvis. I guess her feet just got tangled up and she tripped over herself. She was ok other than the pelvis, thankfully. I figured this would result in my parents deciding, again, to move back to Wisconsin. They go through that every few years, wanting to move back up. But, I would have to wait and see what happened.

So, those last few things were what was going on when I wasn’t reading. Other than that, it was reading and then off to bed.

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