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New Year, New Me

It's been a bit since I've updated my blog. Sorry!

I'm doing pretty decent. I've quit Kwik Trip because of a couple of coworkers that continuously stuck me at the register for hours on end, causing my knee to feel like the cartilage was ripping apart. This is despite the accommodations on file requiring them to let me move around (or sit down) every 20-30 minutes. Even with the chair, I was fed up with getting stuck there. Plus, I'd seen my PA about my knee and was informed that surgeons absolutely will not touch my knee for at least 5 more years. I have to look out for my health, at the end of the day. So, I'm journeying back into self-employment.

Casey's doing well, he's finished with Therapy for now but we can always go back if we need to. He hasn't been having as many meltdowns and has been responding much better to stress. He had his best friend Michael over for a slumber party the other night. They argued constantly about what to do, but they still had a good time. That's true friendship!!

Betty has a new baby. No, she didn't have pups, but I ended up getting a wee one that Betty thinks is her daughter.

Things with Greg are great, I couldn't be happier! He is definitely the other half I've always been searching for. In December we went to a Nita Strauss concert together where she signed the guitar I'd bought him. It was an amazing night. Greg's aunt and uncle put us up in a hotel room in a fancy casino after the concert. We didn't do any gambling, though. But overall it was an awesome night and I look forward to many repeats.

Somehow, after seeing my blog entry about her, Cyn and I ended up renewing our friendship. We basically have an understanding at this point that at some point we will get pissed at each other and stop talking to each other, but it's a temporary thing. I can live with that, and it seems she can too.

That pretty much sums up what's been going on the past few months. I'll try and update this thing more.

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