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Monday & Tuesday

Got up super late, with only 10 minutes to get me and Casey both ready and out the door. Dave hadn’t even bothered to try and get either of us up, either. Somehow managed to get out the door on time, and dropped Casey off at school.

Came back home and got my coffee and got parked on SL. Sent Daniel a naughty text but not a proposition for anything, since I was expecting to see him Tuesday anyway. Mindi ended up saying she wasn’t going to be able to get with us on Tuesday after all, but Daniel and I decided we were just going to have some fun without her. Fine by me, the more one on one time I can get the happier I’ll be lol.

Got on Conan to refresh the bases, then both Aura Kingdom and DDO to take care of the auction houses. After that it was free book & paid emails before finally getting on Blade & Soul. Ended up running a bunch of Dungeons with a few others from the clan/discord. It was fun, and it finished a quest that had peaches as one of the rewards. That pushed me over what I needed to get the correct soul badge.

Picked Casey up from school and had him get on the toilet once we got home. I continued playing around on Blade & Soul, working on getting outfit pieces I wanted, some of it actually with Autumn.

When Dave got home from work, he went out to the garage to work out for a while, and Casey joined him. I guess Dave even got Casey his own “workout mats” for the garage, that’s cute.

Got Casey to bed a little later than I would have liked, and then went back to Blade & Soul and my outfit farming, up until bedtime.

Tuesday morning went better, I got out of bed on time. Got my latte and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. With a bit of extra time, I went ahead and logged into Blade & Soul on my gunslinger to do some inventory management.

Dropped Casey off at school, and got a text while I was there for me to go to Daniel’s house in lingerie and wait for him in his bed. So I went home, made some coffee, brushed my teeth, and got changed before heading to his house. Was only there about an hour and a half.

Once I was back home, I took care of free book & paid emails and also bill pay, then headed to Walmart to get a few things. By the time I was home, I only had about 20 minutes, but got on Blade & Soul anyway.

Went and picked Casey up from school, then we went to Walmart to drop off a little thank you note he’d made for them, because he’d been overjoyed that they had a hot wheel police play set in stock for him to get as an Easter gift from us.

Came back home and had him get on the toilet, and I got a cheesy ham & potato bake going for dinner. Got back on Blade & Soul for some more outfit farming, it was all I really felt like doing.

This cheesy ham & potato bake was better than the last one I’d gotten. Dave didn’t eat any though. Disappointing that he won’t eat what I cook, seeing as I have Home Chef coming on Thursday.

I had forgotten to put my lingerie in the closet after I’d gotten home, and Casey saw it on the bed and was asking what it was. Dave was walking past at that moment and started inquiring as well. Then he started bitching that I was off having fun on his dime and not doing any chores. As though I’m his fucking maid! And yet, I want to get back into my chore routine, of doing more than just the bare minimum. I don’t want him to think that his bitching will lead to the desired results, but he’s going to bitch regardless so what choice do I have but get back to it? I’d been the one to do some vacuuming not long ago, and I cleaned my bathroom on Sunday. But other than that, it’s been only the minimum for a year and a half. Even I am growing tired of it.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, and then continued trying to get outfit pieces I wanted. I was in voice chat with some of the others, there were 6 of them that had created new characters together and were questing together. That was cool. But then, when they got to the first major town and were able to join or create a clan, instead of joining the one I had they made their own. I could only tolerate listening to so much more after that, before I disconnected from the call. It wasn’t long after that, I ended up just going to bed.

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