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Monday & Tuesday

I’m really struggling to find the motivation to keep up with these entries on a daily basis, as I’m sure has been evident for a while now. It’s not like I don’t enjoy blogging, I really do. I guess it’s the lack of original content I feel like I can offer that’s holding me back, as well as the fact that these posts merely serve as a way for me to remember my life without enough going on in it to attract an audience.

Anyway, on with the usual.

Monday morning, got up and got my latte then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home to change on SL.

Once Autumn was up, we got on Minecraft for a bit. I’d gone of on a bit of an adventure to find a brewing stand for my house, and she was working on a barn for hers. I was struggling to find any igloos in the snowy area, though. She said that, with the new update, they were also found in churches, but I hadn’t seen any of those either. Finally I ran across a village with a couple churches, so I snagged a brewing stand and headed home.

Went and picked Casey up from school at the usual time and had him do his usual thing. He got on Minecraft for a while as well, but he didn’t want to get in my world because there’s no creative and no teleporting. I think he’s looking forward to getting in the adventure map again sometime as well, but we were still fiddling with the new world.

Worn out from the journey and other various tasks, and not really wanting to stay on Minecraft, we switched to SL around 6. I took her to a Gacha store, but it was very laggy and neither of us cared to deal with that. So many places on SL have too much scripty stuff out. I teleported us to a random place, it advertised something or another but ended up actually being for sale. Then I started looking for places more suitable for smaller avatars, even though I was full sized. I found one on an adult sim, so I didn’t think we’d really be there long. I scoped it out for a few, announced that they just had stuff for sale, and teleported her to me. I found a pixie avatar for sale in two sizes, 0.5m and 0.25m. It didn’t take me long to buy the 0.25m one. Would probably be the smallest avatar on SL. It was a mesh body as well, compatible with Omega appliers which I already have a ton of. I was excited! Spent some time getting her dressed and ready, and then headed to bed.

I’d said earlier in the day that I would get on BnS for dailies around 9. Around 9:30 I was still on SL with Autumn and didn’t really want to get off because I’d just gotten an adorable new avatar. She asked if it would help if she’d get on BnS with me. I said yes, so we both got on.

I was on much quicker than her, so was dealing with some inventory stuff while I waited for her. I got on voice with those who were on as well. Once she made it on, we got started with a daily at Irontech Forge. It was very slow-going, but mostly because one of another clan member who got a phone call and was gone for nearly an hour. We were all just standing around waiting on her. Autumn took her dogs outside at the same time and was still back much quicker than her. It was frustrating. If you’re in a position where you can’t guarantee your level of activity for such things as a 6-person dungeon, you shouldn’t participate in them to begin with.

Finally she got back and we finished the dungeon. Autumn and I both tried to head to bed as soon as it was done. She made it out ok, but the guys asked me if I wanted to try Cold Storage with them. I did, so we rounded up enough people and went in. It went fine, except we wanted to also do the Kaari Lord inside but none of us had an accessible orb to summon him. Oh well. I went to bed after that.

Tuesday morning, got up and got my latte, got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then headed back home to get changed on SL. I ended up spending quite a bit of time resizing copies of some of my stuff to fit on my new pixie body. We also did a bit of shopping and exploring.

I’d wanted to play Minecraft all day, but also felt like I’d spent enough time and money on this new body that I should get some use out of it and do something on SL. Autumn suggested that we go to the amusement park again, but I wasn’t up for it. We’d been twice already. Instead I found a place suggesting it was welcoming to tiny people such as ourselves. The landing point was at a rental office, but I teleported to some other area on that sim and there were actually people around. Autumn didn’t seem too thrilled that there were people. Then she complained about the lag. I tried pointing out that just about everywhere on SL was laggy, but she said that wasn’t true. On her computer? Everywhere will be laggy or vacant.

I found us another place to check out, and she ended up going AFK for over half an hour before we had a chance to look around. It turned out she went for food and got distracted by Anime. Thanks for at least letting me know!! At least I had Colin to talk to on voice while waiting around for her.

I mentioned it being difficult to do things together when she was distracted, and she asked if I wanted to get on Minecraft. At least on there it wasn’t as big of a deal if she was distracted. There was plenty of stuff to keep me occupied. We went ahead and checked out the place where we were at, and then I bought the tiny house to go with my tiny avatar. Then I wondered if I could get my neko parts tiny enough, so I worked on that. Just as we were both going to relog, we both remembered that we were going to get on Minecraft, so we switched to that instead. Did a bit of mining and a bit of fishing until it was time to pick up Casey from school.

I kept this bottled up but it’s time to let loose. Daniel never wished me a happy birthday. Autumn gave me an entire week, all about me. He gave me nothing. Not a single message. I tried to shrug it off, despite the fact that it bothered me immensely. Well, Monday went by – still no word. All day Tuesday – nothing. Guess who was at parent pickup though? Still no message from him. So, I didn’t bother with my usual “looking around” I do where I’m really looking for him. No, I kept my back facing the parking lot. He didn’t say a word. Michael comes running out, without Casey right by his side which was odd. Michael yells “daddy!” I still didn’t turn around. Casey was out 30 seconds later, and by the time I turn around, Daniel and Michael had poofed – without a word. Casey said Michael told him today he was stinky because of something or anther he liked, so he’s not happy with Michael either. I told Casey it sounds like the pair of them have sticks up their butts.

Headed home and got Casey to do his usual thing, while I did dishes for the second time. The dishwasher stopped working and we were having to hand wash everything. Then I got dinner started, and went and logged back onto Minecraft with Autumn.

She went off on an adventure in one direction, and I went off on an adventure in another. It’s nice when we do that because we can tell each other what kinds of things are to be found in the direction we are going, but it’s probably better to do things together. There were pillages we both ran across but didn’t raid because it would trigger a raid at the next village we’d come across, and that’s something we should be sure to do together for survivability.

After the adventure, we were both pretty exhausted from that, plus the clan members on the discord server were trying to get everyone on BnS for battles, so we got back on SL and I signed out of discord from the computer, telling them I was going to bed early.

I spent a while resizing glasses, a necklace, and bracelets to fit my tiny self, and then we teleported to another random place advertising friendliness to all things tiny. This one actually had other tiny avatars at it, which was nice. We spent a good while wandering around and exploring, and eventually ended up floating on floats in a pool. I started getting sleepy after a little while of that, so headed to bed.

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