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Monday & Tuesday

Slept in a little on Monday but not too late. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then got on Conan to refresh the base. Then I hopped on Aura Kingdom and DDO to deal with the auction houses. The last item finally sold on Aura Kingdom, so I don’t have to worry about that anymore. DDO Still has a lot of stuff for sale, though.

Once those were done, I got on Portal Knights. I spent quite a bit of time questing on my warrior alt, but then Cyn unexpectedly turned up again. This time the excuse was they were too broke to go anywhere. I switched back over to my main and we worked on quests.

I’d made a fairly quick trip to the store in the morning to get milk and a couple other things. The 3rd How to Train Your Dragon had come out and Casey had been asking for it, so I bought it for him. When I gave it to him, I said that it was because I’m so proud of him for doing “phenomenally” academically and also for doing so well with speech. He wanted to watch it right away. Casey had spent the day on Minecraft again, except for when he watched the movie. After the movie, he kept watching stuff on the TV down there until it was time for bed. Got him all snuggled in, then got back to Portal Knights.

Cyn and I had taken a break from questing by this time, but then she started having issues again. I’d been feeling like we’d been spending too much time together again, and I was growing more and more agitated by her constant complaining. Yes, you’re going to have problems with the game because your computer sucks. Deal with it or stop playing. That’s kinda how I feel sometimes anyway, though it’d be lonely (and difficult) without her. We were on the verge of an argument about whether it was the game or her computer when I decided I’d just watch my shows instead of play anymore.

Watched an episode each of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, then went to bed. It was later than it should have been by then anyway.

This morning, got up and got my latte, then got parked on SL while getting a very tired Casey up, dressed, and fed. Managed to get him to school early, which meant we jammed out to some tunes in the car before I walked him to the doors. Headed back home, and Dave was still sitting around watching TV. Great, another day off.

I got on Portal Knights and fiddled around with my characters for a while, building on one and questing on the other.

He went to a couple stores for a short while, so I got to talk to Colin. He’d gotten this DVR type thing for his TV that lets him watch it and record from his computer. I’d mentioned that it would be neat but that we have cable and it probably wouldn’t work, but he kept looking into it anyway even when I told him not to worry about it.

Once Dave got back, we got off the call and I kept playing Portal Knights until it was time to go get Casey. I sent Colin a message a few minutes before I was going to leave, to see if he was around and wanted to talk some more, but I didn’t hear from him.

Went through free book & paid emails on my phone while waiting for the time that I usually get out of the car. I heard from Colin only a couple minutes before the first bell, and he said that at least he could accompany me on the way home. There’s literally zero point to that with Casey in the car and me trying to ask him about his day. I let him know when I got home that I’d had my phone on silent because I was already by the doors waiting.

Dave wasn’t home when we got home, and I had no idea where he’d gone off to this time. He’d gotten stuff for tacos at the store earlier, and being that it’s Tuesday I naturally assumed that’s what he was planning for dinner for us tonight. I fixed myself a snack of apple slices with greek yogurt while Casey was on the toilet.

Got back to Portal Knights, working on questing on my alt again. I kept waiting and waiting for Dave to get home, growing hungrier and hungrier. Casey was also getting impatient. Finally I texted him, and he responded that he was off with a girlfriend for dinner. Gee, thanks ass hole, could have told me that earlier!! I was a smartass, thanking him for letting me know before so I wouldn’t have waited. I ended up using the stuff he got to make the damn tacos myself.

After dinner I got back to Portal Knights, but started farming parrots (they drop pets and costume recipes) while waiting on wheat to grow in the starter map. I need the wheat for straw blocks for the roof of our house. They say you can watch it grow in real time, I’m beginning to think they’re a little too literal.

My mom posted something on Facebook about finding love after being in a relationship with a narcissist. I haven’t told her yet about Daniel, mostly because I’m not sure how she’d react to it. I commented on the post, hoping she’d ask. The conversation left her plenty of opportunity to ask but she didn’t. Oh well.

Got Casey ready for bed at a very reasonable time and tucked him in. Played around on Portal Knights a little while longer, but it was lonely without Cyn. She still wasn’t out of time, today’s excuse being severe weather. But, she wasn’t on with me either. She was laying in bed watching movies with Jordan all day. It’s just as well, really, given the way I’ve been feeling lately about how much time we’re spending together. Nevertheless, I decided to watch my shows instead.

I wanted to get on Portal Knights after my shows were done, but knew I’d better get ready for bed instead.

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