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Monday & Tuesday

Woke up with a ton of tension in my jaw Monday. Didn’t sleep the best, but that’s par for the course these days.

Dave said that Casey woke up from a nightmare around 1am. They then went looking all over the house for Casey’s stuffed ladybug toy, only to find it on my bed. I hadn’t heard any of this going on! How is it, my son wakes up from a nightmare, screaming and crying for me, and I can’t hear him? He’s only in the next room! I know my fan makes a ton of noise, but I’ve cut back on the sleeping pills for just this reason. And still I can’t hear him.

Got Casey to school, pretty much on time. He didn’t have to take his backpack to school because his class was going on a field trip to a farm. Took a couple pictures of him at the bus stop with some dandelions he’d picked up, because he looked cute lol. His bus driver asked about the lack of a backpack, and I told him about the field trip. He seemed to know about it, so I wondered if he’d be the bus driver for it. Casey’s class would be meeting up with another class from a neighboring school.

Came back home and got on my computer. Dressed in SL, gardened in Wiz, and then hopped on Sims 4.

Heard from Colin once he got home from errands with his parents. They had something going on this week and they needed to get a few things beforehand. We got to talk for a while.

Casey came home and we relaxed for a while. Got him his lunch, which was actually a second breakfast. Then a little while later he was hungry again, so he had lunch food. Then we headed to Walmart, I wanted to pick up a few things.

First stop was in the pharmacy section. I wanted to look at knee braces, see if they had one that didn’t have an opening at the knee cap since I’m lacking support there. They didn’t, so I picked up a couple of ace wraps instead. Next up was looking for a shelf of some sort for our ever-expanding tea collection. I wanted something that I could hang on the wall, but couldn’t find anything. Looked in several places in the store. This whole time, too, I was walking, not using an electric cart. Anyway. Dave had gotten a new tower fan at Walmart and I’d been wanting to get a pair of them anyway, so I went to grab that while still looking for appropriate shelving for the tea canisters. Nearby, where they keep the bathroom fixtures and accents, I found a shelf that would work. Went ahead and grabbed it. On our way to self check-out, I took Casey where they have all the trading cards on display. He picked out a Pokemon key chain and a pack of trading cards. There was a cashier kind of watching us who didn’t have a customer at the time, so I figured we may as well pay there. On our way out the door, Casey was eyeing up Subway, saying he was hungry AGAIN! I told him no, we had food at home he could eat if he was hungry.

Headed home and spent some time assembling the shelf together, then got the tea and some other things put away on it. I’m pretty happy with it, even though it’s not quite what I was looking for. It gets the job done, and then some.

Not much later, the power went out. I spoke with Courtney, our neighbor across the road. She wasn’t home, but a friend of hers was there and said their power was out as well. I contacted the electric company to report the outage and check if there was word about what was going on. I heard back from them via automated text that the power was expected to be restored around 7. It wasn’t even 5 and I was starving!! I’d been planning to cook dinner, but now I wouldn’t be able to.

Casey and I decided to just go out to eat. We ended up at Perkins Family Restaurant. No sooner did we get our drink order, did I get a text from Courtney that the power was back on. Oh well, we were already seated and ready to order. I had an omelet with hash browns and a muffin, Casey had mac & cheese with yogurt. It was pretty dang tasty! I’d texted Dave before we left that the power was out, and that we were going to go eat, so once we ordered I quick sent him a message asking what he wanted for dinner. He asked about the leftover pasta from the night before, and I told him I’d eaten it for lunch. So he asked for a Salmon skillet.

We enjoyed our meal and the time together, then headed home once Dave’s food order was brought to us. Dave was home, and I figured he’d been there already when he asked about the pasta, from the way he’d asked, but he said he’d only just gotten home. He ate and I got my computer turned back on. Then I started a bath for Casey, since he hadn’t had one after Elijah’s birthday party or the farm.

After Casey’s bath, it was pretty much time for bed. So, got him tucked in. He wouldn’t let me turn his lamp out because of the nightmare he’d had the night before.

I got back on Sims and played for a bit. Then, I was feeling tired enough for bed, so I laid down. I tossed and turned for a good long while, the tension in my head and face keeping me awake. Finally, at who knows what time, I got to sleep.

Begrudgingly got up on time and got Casey up as well. He wasn’t difficult, which was good since I wasn’t feeling the best from a poor night’s sleep and lingering tension in my head and face.

Took Casey to the bus stop on time. We waited, and waited, and waited. The first bus came, but not Casey’s. I was getting worried that his bus had been super early, because the first bus was early, so I called the Transportation office. Turns out Mr. K, the bus driver, was actually running about 15 minutes behind. So, while we waited, I let Casey play some Pokemon Go. Finally the bus arrived and Casey was off to school. I walked back to the house, and got to my usual routine. Dressed myself up in SL, did my gardening on Wiz, and then got on Sims 4.

Heard from Colin a little after 8. His parents were away with some things they had going on, and he’d been watching their dog. They weren’t back yet, but we were able to Skype for a while anyway. He hadn’t slept much, so we didn’t talk for very long.

Downloaded some new stuff for Sims 4 and got it situated. Played for a bit, and then had some ideas spinning.

Created a new mod that gives Sims a Hogwarts “career” track. They have to be at least a young adult, but are able to virtually attend Hogwarts. I posted on ModtheSims that I was looking for testers, but am also testing it myself. Only thing is, you have to mark a household as not played, otherwise it seems they won’t still go to work on time like they should. No biggie. Just mark one as not played to play the other! Anyway, downloaded a Hogwarts castle off the Community library and downloaded an 8 Sim household to occupy it that features Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Draco, Cedric, and Cho. Got them all “jobs” attending Hogwarts, and then switched back to my main character for a while.

Dinner was home chef. I wanted to cook the steak dish, but was missing the demi glace from when I’d thrown away stuff I didn’t trust to be good. The dish I ended up being able to make was a Creamy Cauliflower Pasta. It was pretty good!

After I ate, Dave got home and ate. I hopped in the shower. My knee was killing me but I needed the shower.

After my shower, Casey wanted to play checkers. He’d been bugging me all day about playing, and I didn’t want to because of my bad night’s sleep and how I was feeling, so I kept putting it off. I’d finally promised him a game after my shower, though, so we did that.

I’d typed a lot of this up while sitting in a towel after my shower, lol. So, we just got done playing checkers and now he’s sitting on the toilet. Once he’s done in the bathroom, will get him to bed. I don’t know if I’m going to play Sims 4 some more, or maybe try and watch some NCIS? I’m so far behind again, but this is just the way I am. I get fixated on certain activities and stick to them until I can’t face it anymore lol. Colin’s the same but it takes longer for me to tire of things.

Anyway, that’s it for this update. Yay I’m actually caught up again!!

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