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Monday & Tuesday

What can I even say at this point?

Got to bed a bit earlier Sunday night, slept about the same as usual for lately, got up on time though. Got my coffee, got on SL and changed clothes, did my free book & paid emails, then hit Minecraft.

Stayed on Minecraft all day. The new norm? Erg. It’s addictive, what can I say? It’s new and shiny.

Casey joined me after a little bit. It’s so fun playing together.

Dave got home a little earlier than expected and wanted to go out to eat, but I’d already eaten and Casey was just getting ready to have his meal. So, we rescheduled that for Tuesday night.

Casey stayed up a little later than I wanted him to, he was being incredibly whiny and fussy. Finally got him to bed and got back to Minecraft.

Got to bed a little after 1am. Nice for a change. Set my alarm for the usual time and woke up right before it was due to go off. Hadn’t slept the bet, but that pretty much goes without saying these days.

Got my coffee and hopped on SL to get dressed. Regions had restarted overnight so I was at the airport, lol. Once I was changed and parked, I took care of my free book and paid emails. Had gotten an email from Wiz about bundles being 50% off and one of the ones I was desperate for was brought back, and it was today only, so I got that bundle. Then I got on Minecraft. Casey asked about getting on, and at first I said he could around noon. I let him on anyway.

Dave got home early again, and Casey and I got dressed so we could go to Cancun Bay for some Mexican. I asked for Pepsi but they gave me Diet Pepsi. I told the server, and he brought me another diet. I can’t drink diet, and nobody in their right mind would because it’s incredibly bad for your stomach and can make you gain weight. The food was good, though. Dave’s drink order was correct, but he’d asked for chicken tacos and they gave him beef. Casey ate one of his tacos, but said it had too much stuff inside so we didn’t even bring the other 2 home.

After dinner, on the way home, Casey asked about going to the store for cereal and oatmeal. I said that we could try and go tomorrow, but Dave said he’d take him and I could just sit in the car while they went in. Ok, whatever.

After the store we just came home, and I got back on Minecraft. Casey had a snack and watched TV in the kitchen.

Got him to bed later again than I wanted, he was being whiny and fussy about having a slumber party with one of us and both of us said no. But, he finally got to his bed, and I got back on Minecraft.

I got an IM on SL from our landlord asking if we were ok and reminding us that rent was due. Before my surgery, we’d paid up for a couple months and couldn’t recall exactly when it was going to run out. Guess it ran out, lol. So I relogged and paid the rent and also paid for our ad spot at a store.

Now I’m on Minecraft, it’s a little after 1am and not sure when I’ll get to bed, and I don’t really care.

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