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Monday & Tuesday

Slept ok Sunday night, but really didn’t want to get out of bed Monday morning. Managed to get up on time. Casey was already up, so all I had to do was get his clothes set out for him to get ready for school. Got him off to school and headed back home.

Got on SL and parked, then checked my gardens on Wiz. Did a bit more pet training with some excess energy I had.

After pet training, I made myself some pancakes for breakfast, and then got on Dungeons & Dragons with Colin. We quested for a while, redoing dungeons on harder levels for greater XP. Got really close to level 3, but not close enough. We get 20 free levels, but it seems to be dragging. I guess that’s good since after we hit level 20 we have to pay to play.

Picked Casey up from school and got him settled in with his Nintendo. He was happy to have his privileges back. He was having juicy toots though, so I ended up sending him to the bathroom, but didn’t take anything away. I’d have to wait until Dave got home and see what he thought, since he was the one who made that rule.

While Casey was in the bathroom, I got on Wiz for a bit. Just more of the usual, farming the Loremaster.

People were actually chatting in the Discord group for a while in the later afternoon. One of them, Joshite, who is either a gay male or a female, not sure which, was showing off her avatar’s picture from IMVU. I ended up convincing her to try Second Life instead. Chatted with her for a bit there while continuing to farm the Loremaster.

Got the cat’s water bowl picked up and took care of the dishes while my food cooked. I ended up just having a frozen dinner to eat, since Dave never cooks for us except MAYBE once a week. I forgot to put the cat’s water dish back down, though. Dave got home while I was eating. He immediately noticed the missing cat water bowl. “The cats would probably be dead here if not for me” and “I’m surprised I’m not dead after being married to you.” All I wanted to say was “I’m surprised I haven’t killed myself already after being married to you.” I kept my mouth shut, though.

Dave made his way to the bathroom to do his usual thing. Casey finally got off the toilet a short while later. I told him to tell daddy about his juicy toots, which he did right away. Dave didn’t take anything away either. Ok. I didn’t make that particular rule, so I wasn’t about to enforce it either.

When Dave was done with his bathroom routine, he went out to the kitchen to look for food to eat for himself. He noticed the syrup container was nearly empty. Well I guess I can’t have syrup on my pancakes anymore because the TINY ass container is almost empty after 2 WEEKS and he saw fit to bitch about it, asking if I binge eat syrup at night when everyone else is asleep. Because it was nearly empty after 2 WEEKS.

Dave got his dinner and I went back to my computer. Casey went out to the dining room to sit by Dave, and I could hear Dave offering him some broccoli. I didn’t hear the whole conversation, but I guess Casey was hungry, so Dave offered that to him, Casey wanted a PB&J instead, Dave said he’d make it after Casey ate some broccoli, Casey came running to me asking me to make him the PB&J, I refused, offered him other choices to try first. Casey ended up getting highly upset because he just wanted a PB&J, which Dave eventually made for him.

It was getting later, so I ended up getting into a much-needed shower, before I would end up losing the will to do it.

After my shower, it was more of the same, until it was time to tuck Casey in. I did end up getting another new spell from the Loremaster, but it was another balance spell. I don’t have a balance mastery amulet, and I don’t have any training points to get other balance spells, so they’re fairly useless to me. Anyway, got Casey to do his important stuff, then read to him and tucked him in for the night.

Ended up doing some reading once Casey was tucked in, that was a nice change. I’m enjoying mixing things up a bit more.

Got to bed at a somewhat reasonable time, but I’d already kinda fallen asleep while reading, lol.

Slept ok, and didn’t have quite as difficult of a time getting out of bed in the morning. Got Casey up and ready for school, took him and dropped him off, then came home.

Got on SL and parked, then got on Wiz and checked my gardens. Then I started doing research on fitness trackers and smart watches, because the little plastic bits that hold my fitness tracker in the band ended up both breaking off, and it wasn’t staying put anymore. It’d fallen out while I was getting dressed that morning, and I hadn’t done anything too crazy when I was just getting dressed.

I ended up finding one at Walmart that didn’t have great reviews, but supposedly had all the basic features I’d be looking for. It’s called a 3Plus HR. I decided to go ahead and give it a shot. It definitely fits more securely in the band it came with than the Striiv Fusion Bio 2 I’d been using. It has a nicer screen on it, as well, and lets me flip the screen so it displays the way I’d want it to, which I couldn’t do with the Bio2. One of the biggest problems with the Bio2 is that it wasn’t reliably pushing notifications to the device. The HR has limited notification capabilities to begin with, but it does show the text of incoming messages. All I can do is give it a shot.

Picked Casey up from school, and when we got home he went to the bathroom. He said he’d had another juicy toot, so I made him sit there for a while. He ended up finally pooping, and afterward he laid in his bed playing on the Nintendo.

I was playing around on Wiz a bit, but not really paying much attention to it. I tended my gardens, but that was about it.

I texted Dave asking if he wanted to try out the Mexican restaurant in Sparta. He never texted back. He ended up getting home at 4:30, and asked if I was ready to go eat. I said yeah, if he was.

The restaurant was in a little strip mall, and didn’t look the fanciest from the outside. We went in, and the booths reminded me of a delicious place back in Davenport, IA that we used to eat at from time to time when we lived in the Quad Cities. I ended up ordering fajitas with chicken, steak, shrimp, & chorizo. They were delicious! Casey had chicken nuggets and french fries, AND a bean and cheese taco. Of course he didn’t eat all of it, but he had some of each thing. I had leftover meat mixture left, but not a lot. One small box fit all of mine and Casey’s leftovers.

When we got home, Casey got on his tablet and watched some YouTube, and I scrolled through Facebook for a bit. Then I got my kindle out and started reading again.

Took a break from my book to get Casey tucked into bed, and then went back to it. Kept reading until about 10:30 or 11, and then went to bed.

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