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Monday & Tuesday

I had alarms set for Monday morning, and was supposed to have a video therapy appointment, but I never heard my alarms and missed the appointment. I was so frustrated.

I got to see Casey for a few hours before work again on Monday, which was nice. I had a pretty sore back, and we each did our own thing, but it was still nice having him here.

Work was a disaster. When I got there, I started having a dizzy spell. I was there 2 1/2 hours and it would not subside, so Jodi ended up walking me out to my car so I could go home. Thankfully, Sam was able to close the kitchen early and stay to close the store in my place.

I rested and played a little Black Desert once I got home, but was in bed relatively early.

Tuesday morning, I didn’t hear my alarms or Dave’s text, but somehow after about 5 minutes heard the doorbell being repeatedly pressed. There wasn’t much time to do anything before we had to leave for Casey’s OT and Speech appointments.

While Casey was doing OT, I called to try and get an appointment to get my back checked out, and I was certain that the dizziness was related. In going over my symptoms, they determined I needed to be tested for Covid. That’s just great! So they put an order in, and I had them put one in for Casey as well since he’s been with me and had a mild cough at times. Better to be safe than sorry.

After nearly an hour of sitting in the parking lot, we finally got our tests done at the drive-thru testing site on the other side of the building. It felt like the q-tip went all the way to my eye. Talk about uncomfortable! It tickled more than hurt at least. Casey wasn’t being very cooperative about getting his test done, so I bribed him and he did fine then. He cried but calmed down quickly.

We headed back to my apartment, where I spent a good bit of time picking things out at Aldi to have delivered. I’d needed to go shopping, but hadn’t had a chance and now we’d have to be quarantined until we were in the clear one way or another.

I heard from the Tomah clinic that they would be able to get me in, with precautionary measures, so I could have my back looked at. Once the groceries were delivered and I got the cold stuff put away, we headed to the clinic.

The doctor said my back pain was due to work-related injury or strain. That’s great! (Not.) I’m sure Britney will love to see that on the note. He said to take Meclizine for the dizziness, which I’ve taken before. Come to find out, it was an over-the-counter medication. Dramamine. So we headed to the pharmacy on the way home to pick some up.

Dave dropped the Switch off for Casey. The bribe for him cooperating was the digital Super Mario Maker 2. He’d gotten the Switch taken away for being a monster a night or two before, but part of the deal was he could have it back if he got the test done.

The tests ended up both coming back negative, which was a relief. I’d just have to print the results to take to work so they have proof that I’m in the clear. And I also will have the doctor’s note showing work-related strain and that I need to lay off working in the cooler for a few days.

He played on his Switch and I played on Black Desert until it was time to tuck him in. I got back to more Black Desert after, until I could no longer stay awake.

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