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Monday & Tuesday

Slept the same Sunday night as I had the previous 2 nights. I wasn’t even up that late, but slept in later than I wanted, and didn’t feel the best when I woke up. My knee was hurting and my whole body was aching.

Got my coffee and got on SL to park. Took care of my gardens on Wiz. Did my daily dice roll on DDO. Actually was doing that at the same time as Colin, so we checked what we’d collected for bonus XP and “consumed” what we could to be somewhat matching.

After that, he wasn’t up for playing it, so I got off that and got on Aura Kingdom. Did some questing, did the dailies. Tried and somehow managed to beat a dungeon that was for level 70. I don’t have the level 70 gear, and can’t seem to get it anywhere. Previously I’d gotten all my gear in one awesome dungeon chest for that level, but this time I just got really awful stuff.

Casey was on the Nintendo, so I just kept playing on Aura. Since I’d completed the dungeon, I started working on other quests I had.

Had frozen meals for both lunch and dinner, yay.

Dave had asked me Sunday night if I could do something or another with the litter-catching mat we keep in front of the litter box. I never did get around to it because I was sore. He sarcastically thanked me for taking care of it. Stairs are difficult for me, ass hole!

Got Casey to bed at a somewhat reasonable time.

Kept playing on Aura after Casey was in bed. I stayed up until about 1:30 and then finally was ready for bed myself.

Didn’t sleep very well again, and woke up even more sore. I’d set alarms, but slept right through. My poor knee was just aching and aching. What sucked is, I had to go to PT later in the day. But first, it was coffee, rushing to make sure I got to the Temple of the Eidolons on Aura Kingdom before the reset, doing it again right after the reset, then parking on SL, gardening on Wiz, rolling die on DDO, and finally doing a bit of playing around on Aura.

There was an announcement on Aura that they’d be undergoing server maintenance starting at about 5pm my time.

Got to Physical Therapy about right on time. Explained about my nights of bad sleep and the pain in my leg. Cutie student didn’t go easy on me, but the exercises weren’t hurting me any more than I already was, and if they did he’d have me back off a tad.

After PT we had to stop at Walmart. We were running low on a few things, mainly my damn frozen meals, and those fish filters. They didn’t have any available electric carts, so my dumbass decided to just walk. I actually did ok, took it nice and slow, but was pretty tired when we were done. Got the stuff put away and sat down to do my free book & paid emails, since Aura was nearing the point of maintenance at that point.

Once I was done with the free book & paid emails, I went through some more of my unread emails. It was mainly newsletters I thought I’d check into at one point, and just decided to hell with it, I probably won’t. Marked them as read, but they’re all still there. I don’t delete a lot when it comes to that sort of email.

After going through emails, I was just scrolling through Facebook. Talked with Autumn on Discord as well, and occasionally checked the Aura Kingdom Discord server for updates.

Ended up finally doing part of a project I’m involved with through Appen. It’s simple, really. Spend up to 30 minutes building a house, and get paid for it. I’ve been putting it off for no good reason other than I’m momentarily hooked and fixated on Aura Kingdom. It was kinda nice, though, to get back on Minecraft. The server is in the Java edition, which I hadn’t really used before. The interface is tiny, but it was relatively simple. They had it in “Creative” mode, so I was able to work efficiently. Built a couple houses, which took me just under an hour, so I’ll get paid $8+ for that. Not too bad. I can get in up to 10 hours this week, I should really do that. It’d be up to $90 in my personal bank account. I need to rebuild that savings, anyway.

Got back on Wiz and did a bit of fishing, thinking maybe I’d end up playing, but Autumn showed no signs of getting on and there wasn’t really anybody on I knew very well and I am feeling all shy.

Got Casey to bed ok, he was trying to be a monster but he actually took the threat seriously of losing privileges seriously and got his stuff done. Once he was tucked in, I decided to watch another episode of “13 Reasons Why.” I’m still pretty behind on it. Autumn mentioned the book, which I didn’t know about, so I put the kindle edition on my wish list to get sometime. It’s a great series, in my opinion.

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