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Monday & Tuesday

Ah, the day started out like any other day. Had slept ok considering I’d been up too late the night before. Didn’t wake up feeling as exhausted as I thought I would. Got my latte while I got me and Casey dressed so I could get him off to school.

Once I’d gotten him on the bus, came back home and got some more coffee. Got on SL and parked, got on Wiz to garden, got on DDO to do the dice roll, then got on Aura Kingdom.

Played Aura Kingdom on a new character. Autumn is a Reaper on her character, so I wanted to try one. It was so easy it was boring. I wanted to progress as quickly as possible so I could evolve Eidolons on my main’s team using the keys gotten during questing. Managed to get to about level 32 before switching back to my main and doing a TON of manual cooking.

During that time, at 1pm, I got an email from Casey’s teacher saying he was having a wonderful day and was all smiles! I was so happy to hear this, it really made my day.

When I got him off the bus at 3:15, I commented that I’d heard from his teacher that he had a great day. He said no, it was bad, kids were mean to him. This actually infuriated me. I asked him why his teacher said he was having a good day at 1pm and then he gets home a couple hours later saying it was a bad day? At this point, I feel like he’s lying to me, and I don’t know why. Is it because he wants to stay home with me and play on his gadgets all day? Does he miss me, and his gadgets?

I exchanged some emails with his teacher, and she suggested maybe something happened on the bus? I asked him and he said no, it was at school. I asked him what happened. He said he and his friend Joe both wanted to be front in line, and they had a disagreement about it. I explained to him that just because people disagree on something, doesn’t mean they’re being mean.

Meanwhile, I emailed his school’s guidance counselor to make arrangements to meet with her and see if we can get Casey better adjusted to Kindergarten. I told her I wasn’t sure what was going on, because he’d had a great experience last year and over the summer.

I also was sure to tell Casey not to lie to me about how his day went. If one little thing happened to upset him, it doesn’t mean his whole day was bad. He needs to be honest with me, and also needs to be tougher at school when it comes to how he interacts with others. He needs to not be so sensitive and emotional.

He ended up playing with toys in his play room for a few hours, which made me feel better after the rough patch when he got home. He doesn’t play with his toys nearly enough, especially considering how many he has and how much has been spent on them over the years. It made me happy that he was playing with them again.

I had the last of some Jimmy John’s for dinner. Around then we had a storm pop up, seemingly out of nowhere considering I hadn’t been checking the weather. The wind was blowing so hard, one of the plants got knocked over from the front steps, and the pot was blown into the yard, leaving the plant behind. I got everything gathered onto the front porch where it’d all be safe, and went back inside. Shortly after, Casey said a package was outside the door. It was the breaks Dave ordered for my car. The UPS driver hadn’t rang the doorbell, and it was pouring rain outside. The box was super heavy and should have been left by the garage, even if it was raining. I wasn’t too happy about it. I got it inside the door so it would stay dry, and would have to muster up the strength to get it downstairs at some point.

One Casey was done playing, he laid in his bed with his tablet for a while. That was fine by me, he wasn’t feeling good with the cold that just won’t go away, so it was good for him to rest. While he was doing that, I went ahead and got in the shower.

Got him tucked in on time and went back to playing Aura Kingdom. This was about the time I was doing the manual cooking. Did that for a while. I was falling asleep at my desk shortly after 10, but wanted to stay up for when the Temple of the Eidolons reset at 11 so I could do it before bed. I ended up doing a dungeon on hell mode and then a few other things before finally getting to bed about 11.

Woke up feeling sore and exhausted. I was face-down in the bed with my bad knee pressing into the crappy mattress. Of course that was the part of me that was aching the worst. I kept hitting snooze until I knew I just had to get up and face the day.

Got me and Casey dressed while I sipped on my latte. When I was taking him to the bus stop it was still raining. I was wearing my flip flops, and my feet got all cold and wet.

Grabbed some more coffee once I was back inside from getting Casey on the bus, then got on SL to park, Wiz to garden, DDO to roll dice, and then Aura Kingdom for a little bit before I had to go out.

I had Physical Therapy at 8:45, and basically was discharged from it. I’ve met all my goals since getting the brace, and as long as I can continue to build strength doing the exercises at home, and don’t feel like I need to go back, there’s no need to go back. This was excellent news! I was leery about whether or not I was ready to be discharged, but overall feel confident in my progress.

After I left there, I headed to Walmart to get some groceries. I was able to chat with my mom for a few minutes while there, to let her know the good news. I ended up picking up some new clothes, including some Sugar Skulls fleece leggings. I just can’t help myself, if I see Sugar Skulls I don’t already have, I hafta get whatever it is. Spoke with a random lady about my knee and needing to lose weight and she offered me a recipe for some chili. I’ll have to try that out sometime, it sounded good.

Got home and managed to get the groceries inside and put away, but I was exhausted. Sat down and played on Aura Kingdom for a while before I had to go out for my next appointment, the other therapy.

Therapy went well, I talked about a whole lot of things and we’re going to work on things I can do to get healthy again. I also expressed my continued interest in coping better with open relationships, my jealousy. And also my ability to actually be open, communicating about my own experiences to my significant other, whether it’s Dave or someone else down the road.

Came back home and continued on Aura Kingdom for a bit, questing on my new character some more. Now I wanted to get to at least level 40, so I could evolve her Eidolon, and was still missing 2 keys for other ones to evolve on my main. The nice thing is, the Eidolons are all shared, so if I evolve them on my main, they’re evolved on the other characters as well. I want to have as many Eidolons as possible, lol.

Got Casey off the bus and he looked either super upset or super exhausted. Turns out it was super exhausted, he told me he had a good day! That he was all smiles! That made me feel so good. I talked to him about taking him to the guidance counselor in the morning anyway, so that he can adapt better this year. I’m sure he feels a lot of what I feel even to this day, with social anxieties and feeling different even if he’s not. I want him to have a better and easier time than I have.

He sat down and ate a bit, and watched TV in the kitchen. I continued on Aura Kingdom for a while, and then went out there to take care of the dishes and start dinner. I made a pasta bake, and I think it was my best yet! It was so tasty!

After that, I started working on an achievement on my main in Aura Kingdom, for killing each of the elite monsters in each of the maps 10 times. It may take a bit to get done, but I can probably accomplish it in the next day or so.

Got Casey to sit on the toilet for a while, so I continued on my elite monster hunting.

Once Casey was done, I got him snuggled into bed. He’s been bringing home library books on Tuesdays that we can keep for a week, so tonight we read Pete the Cat’s Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It’s cute.

After I got Casey snuggled in, I resumed working on killing elite monsters. It’s now quarter past 10pm, I’ve kinda pecked at this entry here and there for the last few hours to make sure I got it in today. I’m getting tired, almost ready for bed, so going to post this and do some more hunting on Aura Kingdom before I crash out.

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