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Monday & Tuesday

Didn’t sleep the best Sunday night. Almost fell off the bed again, this time because the mattress was too far over the edge of the futon. I’d be tempted to say that, if it happens again, I’m moving back into the Master. But, no, then I wouldn’t sleep well. I’d be out of my element again for a while until I adjusted, for one. But for another, Dave makes too much noise when he sleeps. He doesn’t snore, but he makes sounds that make me think he’s dreaming about eating food.

Managed to get out of bed on time, actually a bit earlier than need be. But, it’s better to get up early, anyway. Got Casey up and dressed, and asked if he wanted breakfast at home or school. He wanted it at home. I made him some oatmeal, and he had about 15 minutes to eat before we needed to get our shoes on. He ended up with a little more time than that, even, and still hadn’t even taken a bite because he was too busy watching TV. He was all upset because he didn’t have time to eat, but it was his own fault! I was tempted to say to him, then, that if he keeps doing that he’ll not be allowed to watch TV in the mornings.

Got him to school, but barely on time. I let Mrs. Conner know that he hadn’t eaten, and why, just in case he was cranky about it. I also reminded her that I’d be doing Parent Pick-Up like we’d talked about at the conference on Thursday. I didn’t realize it until later, but I’d forgotten to pack him a lunch. At least there’s funds in his school account for him to easily get hot lunch.

Went home and got my coffee and got on SL. I skipped Wiz and all that. Colin had an appointment that morning, so I ended up just working on some stuff on SL while I waited for him to get back. I should have done the Youth Protection Training for the Cub Scouts, but I put it off again. What I was doing on SL was just looking for some couples dances we could put in our machine at the club.

Once Colin was on, we just kinda hung out together. We danced for a bit so I could show him the new dance, and then just chatted while I did other stuff on the computer, like my free book & paid emails.

When I went to get Casey from school, I had to wait a while. I was getting worried, and told a staff member that I was there to pick him up. I was directed to Mr. Wolf, so then I let him know. He had a walkie-talkie and he told whoever was on the other end that I was there for parent pickup for him. I was checking the time and getting worried that, if he was on the bus, I wouldn’t make it home in time to get him back off of it. We only live 5 minutes away, but it was getting closer and closer to 10 past 3. Finally, Mrs. Conner and another staff member came back out, and with Casey in tow. He was happy to see me, and Mrs. Conner said that she’d forgotten about it, but then saw my pants and ran to get him off the bus. Lol, I think it’s funny I’m known by my pants.

We came back home and he wanted a snack, so I heated his oatmeal back up for him. An hour went by, with me on Wiz working on clearing out my backpack some, and him out in the kitchen, and he complained that his oatmeal was cold. I asked him if he even ate any and he said no. I told him he could reheat it, again. He finally ate some of it. He kept asking for more food, and I would let him have this and that, but then finally told him he’d eaten enough until dinner.

For dinner I just ate my leftover chinese food. Casey had a PB&J with cheese puffs. A while after Dave had gotten home, he ended up making some pizza. I was kinda irritated about that, because we have food in the refrigerator that needs to get eaten before it goes bad.

After dinner, Casey and I played a few hands of Uno. I do love that game, and playing with him is fun. After we played a few games, I had him get his bedtime stuff done, then I read to him and tucked him in.

I watched a couple episodes of Harlots on Hulu, then went to bed.

I slept better, didn’t wake up feeling like I was going to fall off the bed, so that was nice. I got up on time, and got Casey up and ready for school. He wanted breakfast at home again, but this time he actually ate it. It probably helped that I put his bowl of cereal and his milk on the side of the table that would have him facing the TV.

I sipped on an English Toffee latte and worked on getting dressed in SL while he was eating. I wasn’t able to finish, because it was time to go go go. We rushed out the door and barely made it to school in time. The bell was ringing when we were halfway down the hall to Mrs. Conner’s classroom. We definitely need to get out the door earlier! I’m sure he misses being able to play with his friends in the morning, too.

Came back home and finished getting dressed in SL. Made another cup of coffee while chatting with Colin. Once the coffee was gone, I headed to Walmart to pick up some groceries. I took a good look at the jeans when I was there, and tried a couple pairs on. I found some that are a size up, but looser around my knee. They’re not the super duper comfy ones, but I went ahead and bought them for now, with the plan to try and order the ones I really want. I prefer the Levi Signature jeans, they’re so soft and stretchy, they feel like second skin!

Got groceries for a few meals, a couple of which are vegan options that sound yummy. Went and checked out, and was feeling pretty exhausted by the time I was done. My knee didn’t hurt, but it felt really tired. I stopped in Subway to get a breakfast sandwich, and then headed out to the car. While I was on my way out there, Colin mentioned someone was in the shop, and it happened to be the girl I was supposed to interview for a Server position at the Cafe. I was thankful he was paying attention, usually he goes and lays on his bed if we’re not actively doing something on the computer. I had him let her know that I’d be on my way home and if she wanted we could start early, since we weren’t supposed to meet for another hour.

Headed on home, and got the groceries put away. Sat down and ate, and then Sydnee was back on so I went ahead and started the interview. I was kind of winging it, I had no Notecard set up for interviews yet. She was in agreement to the terms, basically that she was working for tips, and I asked her about the one thing I was concerned about. She’d mentioned on her application that she’d been on SL for a couple years, but that LL had taken her account. Colin and I had talked about it and agreed we could give her a chance, as long as it wasn’t anything too crazy. Turns out, someone had sent her some funds, and she sent the funds back, and then LL came and told her she owed them $4k USD and put her account on hold. I’ve actually heard of that happening before to other people we knew, so we went ahead and hired her. She starts Thursday!

After the interview was done, I spent a very long time working on an official interview/training Notecard for future use. Basically that allows me (or Colin or a manager) to copy/paste a set script. I had a couple general parts, then broke it up into parts for the DJ/Host as well as for Server. That way, there wouldn’t be more documents than necessary floating around, but instead everything filed into one.

I got an email from Melanie, one of the other parents in the Cub Scouts, asking about the door-to-door plans for this weekend. I let her know what the plan is, and that I’m waiting to hear from more parents before we make any arrangements to have stock on hand. She asked how things went on Nicholas street, and I told her nobody had shown up (she was the one who made the plan for that street, I don’t even know where that is) and that the one parent, Joe, who’d tried to go there to help her had ended up coming to my house, with Sheldon, to do sales in my neighborhood. She said she’d probably also try to hit Nicholas street because she has family there. Yeah, chica, that was the plan last weekend. I’m really not liking any of the other parents right now, except for Joe and his wife Jenn, and Sheldon and his wife Amber.

By the time I was done dealing with that, it was almost time to go get Casey. Colin and I hung out and chatted for a bit, and then I headed out. Thankfully, there were no mixups this time. Casey came out and I picked him up for a big hug, and then we headed home.

I had him sit on the toilet right away, we do better with that as part of a routine. Even if he can’t go, at least he tries. He asked if he could have his tablet, and at first I said only for while he’s on the toilet. I considered it while he was in the bathroom, and decided he could have his tablet back as long as he continues to be good.

So, he watched stuff on his tablet, and I got to work on creating blank events in the official Cafe/Club Google calendar. This creates a template, just like the one I used back at Wild Angels. It will end up color-coded. Blue for “Open” shifts, Green for ones that are taken, red for people who call out or don’t show up, yellow for people who are covering shifts. Having the calendar set up this way allows me, or anyone with permission, to quickly see what can be expected on any given day. I only did it for the DJ and Host slots for now, but will probably eventually do the same for the Servers.

I had to take a break around 5:30 to cook dinner. Casey had been bugging me about being hungry, despite the mass quantities of food he’d eaten since he’d gotten home. Dave was already home, too, so I felt it was best not to delay any longer. I’d finished up adding the DJ slots, at least.

Made tacos, because, it’s Taco Tuesday. They turned out pretty darn tasty! After dinner, I was going to start cleaning up, but Dave started smacking his stomach and it was making my head split. First I held up my hand, then I put that hand to my head, then asked him to stop. He still wouldn’t stop, so I said “Fine, you can clean up dinner, then.” He didn’t. I went back out a while later and cleaned it up. Bastard.

Once dinner was cleaned up, I got back to work on the calendar, this time working on the Host slots. Then I played a few hands of Uno with Casey. I think he likes doing that right after dinner, but I’d wanted a few minutes to try and relax my head, and also wanted to finish up what I’d been working on with the calendar.

After Uno, Casey had some fruit snacks then got into his PJs. He was complaining about his hand hurting, saying it was red and felt really hot. It looked fine, felt fine, so idk. He is, shall we say, overly sensitive. He may have had his hand positioned funny or something, who knows? He said he wanted to do his important stuff in the morning, and I said that was fine. I went ahead and read to him, then got him tucked in.

Now I’m just going to watch some more Harlots, and try to get to bed a bit earlier tonight. I’m already kinda tired, so maybe I can get to bed in an hour? We shall see.

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