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Monday & Tuesday

So, Monday did not go as planned, but in the best possible way! I woke up to two texts. The first one I saw was from Daniel, saying the school had a late start and asking if I wanted to get together after we dropped them off. The second was from the news station, also informing me about the late start. I don’t hear from Daniel often, and that’s highly frustrating considering my feelings for him, and I know that he’s only after one thing really, right now anyway, but I can’t help myself!

So, got my latte, got parked on SL, got Casey breakfast since he was already up, and then got on Conan for a bit before having to take Casey to school. Once I got Casey dropped off, I was able to talk to Colin for a bit while I waited for Daniel.

Daniel came over, we had some fun, then he had to go get his dog from his parents’ house and, I thought, head back to Milwaukee.

Once Daniel was gone, I got some laundry started and then got back on Conan for a bit more, until it was time to go pick Casey up. When I went to pick Casey up, Daniel was there. Turned out, Leanne had to have a procedure. She’d had a tubal a few weeks ago, and they saw what looked like cancer, so they were doing another procedure to look into it more. So, Daniel was getting Michael from school, and from the sound of it taking him to Milwaukee.

Casey and I headed back home and I got him to sit on the toilet, as usual. While he was on the toilet, I was on Conan lol.

When Casey was finally done on the toilet, it was pretty much time to start dinner. I made a shrimp pasta dish, can’t recall what it’s called. It was a home chef recipe I went and bought the ingredients for. Dave didn’t seem to like it.

A few bites into the meal, Dave commented about something that was on the floor, a piece of a cracker I guess. Then he started going on about me being 500 lbs and crushing things. I ended up eating in my room. I know I’m overweight, but nowhere near that. And it sucks that that morning Daniel had made me feel so sexy and desirable, only for Dave to bring me crashing down. I told Colin about it, and he was actually still awake so he helped cheer me up a bit.

After dinner, I had to run to Walmart to get cold medicine for the boys, some more chocolate milk, and a couple other things. I’d forgotten to double check the type of cold medicine Dave wanted me to get for him, so I had to call him. He said he thought he was allergic to the shrimp, because he was itching all over. Bullshit, how are you suddenly, after 37 years, allergic to shrimp? I got the stuff and headed back home. Dave showed me spots on his arms that looked like bug bites to me.

By the time I got home and got situated, it was time to get Casey ready for bed. I had him get his PJ’s on and take his vitamins, and then brushed his teeth for him, read him a story, then tucked him in. Then it was back to Conan. But I didn’t know what to do on there, so I spent most of the time staring at the fridge in-game and growing increasingly sleepy, much earlier than I wanted. Then someone posted in global chat that they were being purged at their south base and didn’t have time to deal with it. So, a friend and I went to help out. We didn’t find any enemies attacking the base, so we just kinda hung out. After the other people said the purge was over, Kain and I headed back to his base for a few. He showed me a sitting area, but then he got called to help someone else and I was tired so I went back to my base I share with Colin and logged off for bed.

Slept ok, was a bit groggy though after sleeping for so long. Got up, got my latte, and got on SL to park while also getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Dropped him off at school, then came back home and got on Conan. I was on for a short while, but then I had to go to the store. I tried to get everything I needed at Aldi, but they didn’t have everything so I ended up going to Walmart as well. I was pretty sore from that, but still had to get the groceries put away and work on laundry. I pecked at that throughout the afternoon while also spending a bit of time here and there on Conan, just doing random stuff.

Tried attacking the scorpion, but he decided to jump in the trap with me again and killed me. Luckily Colin was still on, and was able to get the aggro so I could get my stuff off my corpse. We had to destroy part of the trap to get the scorpion out, and then Colin lured it back to its usual spot. Guess no more farming the scorpion for the XP, which sucks.

Went and picked Casey up for school. He said Michael wasn’t there, and that he thought he must be sick. No, Michael wasn’t sick, Michael was with his dad a couple hours away. But I didn’t say as much, the kids don’t know that we’re seeing each other yet.

Got Casey on the toilet and resumed doing random stuff on Conan until it was time to cook dinner. I was still incredibly sore, and thought my brace might have been on too tight, but it was just tacos and that’s easy enough to make.

After dinner, I got back on Conan. A couple things going on lately… one, an asshat named Lucifer sees fit to block people from building by building monstrosities. He has what he calls a city blocking more than one whole square of the map, which is pretty massive. There’s an island in the center of his “city” that has 3 landmarks, and it’s a PITA to get to. Well, we have a little fishing shack down south. Lucifer has seen fit to block any expansion by building right on top of us. All the while, there’s been chatter about a patch coming soon that will block people from building near certain landmarks. We have foundations down at two places that we want to build at, and are fearful that we won’t be able to build at either location now because of this upcoming patch. So we’re kind of just waiting to see what happens. Since Lucifer had built right on top of our fishing shack, I thought it might be wise to scope out the other two base locations to make sure he hadn’t done the same there. So, it was an adventure for me! First I went to the jungle and checked that base, but then I had to log off there to get a shower and then get Casey to bed. Once Casey was in bed, I got back on and proceeded to the north base location. I teleported to the wrong map marker, though, and had to navigate around a mountain range to get to the right spot. I managed to make it safely there. Both bases were fine, nobody was building right on top of us. So, once I’d checked, I headed back home.

Once back home, I logged off and launched the CBS app and watched an episode of NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans. I was 2 weeks behind on NCIS and 3 behind on Criminal Minds, so I have a bit of catching up to do. Just in time, one more episode behind of Criminal Minds and I’d have to pay a subscription to catch up on it. But since it airs on Wednesday nights, I’d wait until then to start, and watch 2 episodes of it. After watching NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans, I went to bed. I struggled to fall asleep until God knows when.

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