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Monday & Tuesday

Got up Monday morning, got my coffee, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. It was “crazy hair day” so I used a marker to color his hair, but because of the color and texture it didn’t show up very well.

Dropped him off at school, then came back home to get on the computer. I texted Daniel that I could use a warm-up, but he said Michael wasn’t feeling well and was staying home.

Was finally able to get on Blade & Soul and enter character creation. Autumn was eager to play it with me, and I wanted to try it out. I’d expected that Colin would be interested in trying it with me at some point, so I planned to have a character to play with him and another to play with Autumn, since it wouldn’t be likely we’d all play at the same time together. Colin got it downloaded right away and created a character. He was done with his character about the same time I was, and then Autumn found us right away and we all ended up playing together for a while. It was fun, but I felt like I was put into a tough position, the expectation being there that we’d all play together sometimes. I’d have to worry about that later, though, as we were all having an enjoyable time playing it together.

Once it was time to go pick up Casey, I went back to the character selection screen and headed out. When I got Casey, I asked what everyone thought of his hair, and he said nobody noticed. I asked if he pointed it out to anyone, and he said no.

Got him to get on the toilet once we were back home, then got to work on the secondary character. When I was finally done creating her, of course Autumn wanted to play with me on her. This would be a problem if she wanted to play with me on all my characters…

Ended up playing on and off on there while Casey played in his play room and watched stuff on the Roku. Once it was time to get him to bed, I got his vitamins and stuff out and watched him brush his teeth to make sure he did a good job. Then, I tucked him in.

Back to Blade & Soul, Autumn and I kept questing on my secondary character, which meant we far passed the point where we’d left off with the characters earlier in the day when we were playing with Colin, because she was playing on the same character she’d used to play with him. Frustrating, despite the fun.

Got to bed at a decent time. Slept ok, but still getting used to the new bed, and irritated by the flat sheet during the night. I think that’s disrupting my sleep a bit. Got up, got my latte, and got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. It was crazy hat day at school, so that’d be a bit easier to work with. He would wear an Oreo Dr. Seuss hat that was Dave’s.

Once back home, I got a text from Daniel wanting to get together. He said he had a really busy day ahead of him but that he wanted to see me. That made my heart smile. He came over to my house this time, which I was glad about because I was excited to show off my new bed and break it in lol. I offered him some coffee, which he accepted, and we drank a bit of our coffees and chatted a bit. Then we had some purely magical fun before he had to go and get on with his day.

After he’d left, I took care of my free book & paid emails, then hopped on Conan to refresh the bases, which Colin helped me with. Then I took care of auction house matters on both DDO and Aura Kingdom, before finally getting on Blade & Soul with Colin and Autumn.

At first I was a bit frustrated, Colin jumped the gun and spent money on it when I still didn’t even know what character I was playing with who and all that. He bought some starter pack that also benefited him with a 7 day premium membership. So he’d be gaining 30% more XP for quest hand-ins. Then Autumn said she was probably going to get a month of premium once they got paid, which would benefit her the same XP boost but for a whole month. I hadn’t intended to spend money on the game at all, so it was frustrating because we’d all be leveling differently. I talked it over with the both of them, and determined that the levels won’t affect our quests, and we’ll just quest together. Meanwhile, Colin was offering to send me and Autumn both the money to get the starter packs, so that we could all get the 7 day membership benefits. I suppose that would be fine, but I also still needed to work out the whole “which character to play with who” thing. In addition to the starter pack, I also ended up getting an additional character slot. So I’ll have one to play with Colin if we ever are playing just the two of us, one to play with all 3 of us, and one to play with just Autumn once I created it.

I had ended up getting on my Summoner (first character) to quest with Colin to catch him up to where me and Autumn had left off. By the time we’d gotten him caught up, it was time to go get Casey, and I planned to create the new character once I got home.

Got home with Casey and got him to sit on the toilet, and got back to character creation. Autumn had gotten a character slot as well with money Colin had sent her, so she was creating a new character to play on with me. We both went with completely different classes. I was hopeful that the one I picked would be fun. Once we got through the tutorial part and into actually questing together, I was struggling with my character’s skills. I suppose I’ll figure it out eventually. There’s a trainer that teaches you combo skills, and I’ll never remember them all and don’t have a way to check them in-game. I’ll need to find some sort of guide, so I can reference it as needed.

Once Casey was done on the toilet, he played for a while and also watched stuff on the Roku again since he was pretty tired after school today. He’d had gym both Monday and Tuesday, and I bet that makes him a bit more tired than a regular school day.

Autumn and I kept questing together on and off throughout the rest of the evening. I’d gone AFK to get Casey ready for bed and tucked in, but then we got back to it. I was falling asleep at the wheel around about 10:30, though, so I ended up logging off to go to bed.

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