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Monday & Tuesday

Slept in on Monday. Casey was awake, laying in bed with his tablet. Got my latte and got parked on SL, then took care of my free book and paid emails. Got on Conan to refresh the bases, then Aura Kingdom and DDO to check the auction house stuff. Finally, it was on to Blade & Soul for more questing. I didn’t have far to go to get to level 50, but I was feeling, overwhelmed? So much questing!

I worked on that throughout the day, while also frequently checking on Casey to make sure he was doing ok. I kept an eye on his temperature, noting that even with Tylenol on the regular it was still hovering near 100. I was concerned, but also knew the fever was him fighting off the infection. Hopefully he’ll feel better soon!

Finally got to the point where I could use my pet! I was super excited, but, then I wanted to evolve my pet because I had this pet pack thing I got and it said it was for evolution. But, I can’t figure out how to get it to work. It seems I actually need another of the same pet for it to work. So annoying, boy they really milk you!

Got to bed late, but not terribly late. Set my alarms so I would wake up at the normal school-day time because I didn’t want to get too far off “schedule.” As my alarms were sounding, I heard Casey running around. I’m glad he was feeling better, but he still needed to rest, rest, and rest some more. His temperature was still high as well.

Got some coffee and got on SL to park, then hopped on Blade & Soul. I wasn’t up for any questing, but I wanted to be on and do things. I worked on the faction quests a bit, and then did some farming for some gear for one of my other characters, and then I farmed a couple bosses for a new outfit.

Early on I texted a bit with Daniel, he said Michael was really sad that Casey wasn’t at school. That was so sweet. I invited Daniel over, but apparently that was also around the time that Verizon texts stopped going through. So, I’m not sure if he got the messages or not. If he did, I’m not sure if he replied or not. Oh well.

I’d been checking on Casey throughout the day, continuously having to remind him that he needed to be resting so he’d feel better. Otherwise I was pretty much catering to his every whim, much like Monday. I got him a bath in the evening, but he soaked for too long and got cold. I noticed the water was still plenty warm, but he was shivering a lot. I think his fever is finally breaking! That’s a good thing, it means he’s on the mend. Also means he may get to go back to school on Thursday.

Once he was dry enough, right around 8, I got his PJs and vitamins and stuff ready for him, but he was still laying in Dave’s bed. I waited a while, and then finally went and helped him get into PJs. He then got his vitamins and tylenol, and went downstairs by Dave for a while. I finally got him back upstairs to take his cold medicine, but it wasn’t the right flavor despite me telling Dave it needed to be fruit punch. Casey was not pleased about that, and ended up overreacting because he’s tired and doesn’t feel well. Finally got his teeth brushed and face washed and all that, and tucked him in.

Started working on some quest letters I’d received on Blade and Soul, but they all lead to dungeons I’m sure I can’t handle right now. I’ll have to table them for later. I’m going to work on some Arena quests I have for the faction, but probably will only get to finish one of them. Better than none of them, though.

After that, I might do some more questing. Despite the fact that I was feeling a bit overwhelmed by questing so hard, I’m also eager to see how the rest of the story plays out. Maybe now that I’ve reached the level 50 milestone, the questing won’t seem quite as tedious. We shall see. If it doesn’t work out, I’ll probably just, find somewhere to hang out until it’s time for me to go to bed. I need rest as well, I feel some chest congestion and don’t want it to develop into bronchitis.

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