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Monday & Tuesday

On Monday, Casey had summer school. I played around on GTA while he was there, expecting to hear from Cyn to get on Astellia. I didn’t hear from her, though. I worked from 6 to close, then went to Brad’s after. He’d had an extremely stressful day at work that resulted in him cussing out his boss, so I was surprised to have even heard from him. When I got there, he vented for a bit then we went upstairs. We made love, then every time I fell asleep after he was poking me again. Totally worth it!

On Tuesday, Casey and I went to Sparta for his speech and OT appointments. Afterward, I stopped at McDonald’s for something to eat on the way home. Casey had wanted Culver’s for the ice cream, and I said it would melt before we got home since I wanted him to eat his actual food first. So, he said he just wanted to eat something at home. Once we got home, we went about doing our respective gaming.

I heard from Cyn, but she was having a weird day so we didn’t get on Astellia. I played on GTA instead. I was able to participate in the Casino heist later in the afternoon and kept playing around until I was ready to go to bed. It was earlier since I’d gotten very little sleep the night before.

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