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Monday, November 2, 2020

I had a telehealth therapy visit with Lisa, which almost didn’t happen due to technical difficulties. Mayo changed their website and patient portal again, and every time they do they break it.

I talked with her about everything that’s been going on, as usual. She told me that Brad could very well be avoiding the conversation but blaming it on his PTSD. I acknowledged that as a possibility and said that obviously warning him about an upcoming talk was not going to work. And we also know that trying to carry it out via text won’t work. So I just have to spring it on him sometime. But that’s difficult because I always clam up.

I filled out the paperwork and officially adopted Cassie! And then had to leave her alone in the apartment while I went to work for 4 hours.

Work went pretty decent. We managed to get everything done and were only out of there 15 minutes behind schedule, but I was super stressed by then. A guy had come in earlier in the day, before my shift, and tried to purchase $1200 worth of eBay gift cards with his debit card. We have a $500 limit and they are supposed to be paid for with cash. From what I’d been told, the transaction had been declined because he was trying to use his debit card. Nothing was said about a cash transaction that followed. I ended up getting a phone call from the guy, saying that the transaction had gone through on his bank account. I stupidly tried explaining that it was a pending transaction and would not clear because those gift cards have to be paid with cash. It was stupid of me because come to find out, the transaction did go through. $1000 worth of gift cards were not declined in the transaction.

I got home from work to find even more of a stressor. Cassie had torn up the trim by my door, on top of her incessant barking. I expressed my disapproval, for all the good that would do, and cleaned up the mess.

I got on Black Desert for a little bit to decompress before bed.

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