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Monday, November 16, 2020

While Casey was at school, I went to PetSmart in search of a Guinea Pig. I’d read that they would make amazing emotional support animals. I wanted a dog but didn’t think it would work out well in the apartment. I love cats, but I wasn’t too crazy about the idea of having one again just yet. PetSmart didn’t have any, so I went to PetCo. They had a bunch, so I picked out a female and the necessities and headed home. I had just enough time to get everything set up before it was time to go pick Casey up from school.

When he first got sight of her, I could tell he adored her. We snuggled her for a while, then let her back in her cage to get used to her new home. I named her Betty, after Betty White, hoping she will have a long and happy life. The fish was named Lucille, not after Lucille Ball but it just so happens that Lucille Ball and Betty White were best friends.

I played around on Black Desert for a bit until it was time for work, then again after work.

Work had gone well, not much different than the previous day.

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