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Woke up around 9am. Slept pretty decent. Casey was already up and just laying in his bed watching stuff on his tablet.

Got my coffee, got on SL and parked, got on Wiz and tended my garden, got on DDO and rolled some dice, then got on Aura Kingdom. Took care of the usual on there: the Temple of the Eidolons, the Gaia Chronicle, and the Card Duels with Anya. I pretty much just focused on that most of the day, despite how boring it was.

Not far into the day, Casey asked me to look for the stylus that goes with the Nintendo 3ds. I told him that he needs to look for it because he misplaced it and that he needs to keep better track of it, because it’s my Nintendo and I’m upset that he’s always chewing on the stylus and losing it. I’m happy to share the Nintendo with him, and he uses it more than I do right now, but ultimately it’s not his and he needs to learn to be more respectful and careful with other people’s belongings. Well, he didn’t respond well to my calmly asking him to go look for the stylus himself, I got more and more stern, but all that happened was him pitching a fit and losing his access to the Nintendo and his tablet for the rest of the day. I told him that if he took a nap he could watch TV after. He ended up sleeping from about 11 or so until about 4pm or so. Clearly somebody was still needing rest after being sick all weekend.

Once Casey was back up, it was also time for me to tend to the dishes and cook dinner. I posted about the Buddha Bowls we had last night. They were pretty good.

Got dinner cleaned up and went back to Aura Kingdom. Started doing some questing, need to continue to progress in the game, and I was at a point where 1) I was bored because all I’d been doing was the Chronicle and Card Duels all day, and 2) I would have to just sit around waiting to have enough points to do the Chronicle or Card Duels anyway. May as well do something while I waited.

Got a shower a little after 7, then got Casey a bath shortly after.

After Casey was out of his bath, about 8:30, he started asking for some candy. I told him no, because he hadn’t been eating and the sugar could be hard on his tummy after being sick for 3 days. Dave said, too, that the cheese crackers were still on the plate at the kitchen table from earlier in the day, so I told Casey he could have that. He put up a fuss about it and we ended up having to have a stern talking-to. He didn’t pitch a fit like he had earlier, but we had to explain to him that things need to change around here, he can’t keep fighting us like he does.

Got him tucked into bed, probably a little after 9 by the time I was done reading to him. I went back to Aura Kingdom and resumed questing.

About half past 10, I was falling asleep while questing, so I wrapped things up, which took a while because I kept dozing off.

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