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Woke up tired, but oh so happy on Monday morning. Got Casey up, fed, and to school on time. Then headed back home to sip on some coffee, get on SL and park, Wiz to check the garden, and then waited for Colin.

In case you haven’t figured out, I did end up telling Colin about Daniel. I knew I would at some point, but I’d fallen so hard so fast I couldn’t bring myself to at first. I didn’t want to hurt him. He appreciated the gesture, but said he wants me to be able to talk to him about things. Especially since he knows I have no one else to talk to.

So, I did tell Colin a bit about the night before. Not in too much detail, but enough to get it off my chest. There was one key thing in particular. I was having a bit of trouble hearing Daniel here and there when he was saying things to me, and after a bit started asking him to repeat himself. But one of the first things he’d said to me was something about forever. Kinda sounded like “I’m looking for forever.” I WISH I HAD MADE HIM REPEAT HIMSELF!!!

So, another thing. Just after leaving the hotel Sunday night, I’d sent Daniel a text and a friend request on Facebook. Then on Monday morning, about 10, I sent him another text. Sometime during the day Monday, he must’ve deleted the friend request. He didn’t block me or anything, but I saw a message saying if I knew him to send him a message. I didn’t see that after sending the friend request initially. I guess I kinda get it, if he’s worried about what others may think. That’s fine. But, it was also irritating, that, obviously, he’d been on Facebook, but hadn’t texted me back.

I started dinner in the crock pot around 2. I took a look at what we had already, and made a vegetable soup. I didn’t use a recipe, just went with what sounded like it’d be good together. It smelled amazing!

Picked Casey up from school and got him to sit on the toilet. Wrapped things up with Colin while that was going on.

When Casey was done on the toilet, he started playing one of the Mario games on my 3ds.

When Dave got home, he asked about what was in the crock pot, so I told him. He seemed impressed that I’d made good use out of items we had on hand, but after we ate he never commented whether or not he actually liked it. I thought it’d turned out really good!

Dave kept bugging me all evening asking about the night before. I gave up some details, but most I’m holding close to my heart.

I sent another text to Daniel at night asking how work was, and then went about my business. Got Casey ready for bed, later than I would have liked, then finished watching Fifty Shades Darker and started on Fifty Shades Freed. I didn’t finish that, though. It got to be about 10:30 and I was ready for bed, so I paused it and went to bed.

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