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I got up on time, thanks to the 5 alarms I had going off, and got some coffee while the computer booted. I spent a little bit of time on Facebook while Casey was getting ready for school, then I went and dropped him off. I headed back home for a while, and took care of my free book and paid emails. I needed to get the grocery shopping done, so once my emails were done I went to Aldi and then Walmart.

I came home and got everything put away, then spent some time making the phone calls I needed to make. I had to go pick Casey up while I was wrapping up the first phone call, and then I made sure to make the other phone call to schedule his speech and OT appointments.

I had a telehealth visit with Lisa for therapy, which went really well. I got to use my fancy light-up headset, and we talked about my new Panda Planner by Rocketbook. She was really impressed with the planner itself and seemed very proud of me for the types of things I’d been writing. She agrees that it’s going to be an excellent tool for me to use to stay focused and motivated to get things done, as well as encourage positivity.

After the appointment with Lisa, I got on Grand Theft Auto for the daily wheel spin, then got dinner started.

I tried to make the phone call to enroll in the HMO that would allow me to continue seeing my existing medical providers, but then I noticed the time and had to get ready to go drop Casey off at Dave’s.

I spent some time going through things in the basement at Dave’s so I could take more of my things to my apartment.

One of the things Lisa and I talked about was trying to take the least expensive way out of the marriage instead of fighting things with lawyers because it could get very expensive and neither of us would be able to afford it. Dave and I will indeed need to be amicable and willing to compromise. I think I just need to lay it all out, what I’d be going for if we took it to court, and start the compromise there. See what we can come up with that we can both live with, and get it done and over with.

Dave finally got home and I finished loading a few things in my van. He told me a story about his mom showing up at his brother’s house out in the country, intoxicated. She’d been driving around for hours drunk, making her way from the Quad Cities to the outskirts of Chicago. She spent a few days at his house, drinking and sleeping. She doesn’t want to be married to Todd anymore, for a variety of reasons that include Todd not sharing the finances. If he did that, he’d lose his house to her drinking. I think he’s doing the right thing. She can’t just divorce him, she has no job and no way of working, she has nowhere to go and no money to go anywhere with. She has a health condition, exacerbated by her drinking, which causes random seizures that require hospitalization. How does she think she’d ever get out of that marriage?

I headed back home and unloaded my van, then got ready for work. I got on ArcheAge to get loyalty so I can get the butterfly pet I want, and got on Black Desert for a bit since I had extra time.

Work went really well. I got busy as soon as I got there and stayed busy the entire time I was there. I spent some time on the registers but didn’t spend any time just standing there. Everything got done ahead of schedule, so at the end of the night, Stephany and I got to talking. She’s been in therapy for years as well and told me about hypnotic sleeping that she’d learned about. I ended up asking if she saw Lisa, and it turns out that she does.

I’d texted with Brad very briefly during my break, and made plans for him to come over after I got off work. I texted him when I was on my way home, and took a quick shower hoping he’d be there when I got out. He wasn’t, and I hadn’t gotten a text from him either. I sent a couple more texts, but never heard anything so assumed he’d fallen asleep. To pass the time, I got on Black Desert. My last text to Brad said I’d leave the door unlocked just in case, so I did and went to bed.

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