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Woke up feeling a bit worse than I had on Sunday. I still had a sore throat, and the headache was worse.

I’d set my alarms for the usual time so I could have a bit of peace and quiet before getting Casey up for school. We’d gotten a text fairly early Sunday night that they were doing a late start by 2 hours for Monday because the plows weren’t going out in the heavy winds overnight.

Got my latte and got parked on SL, then got on DDO to see what’d sold on the auction house.

After DDO, I got to talk to Colin a bit while Casey watched stuff on his tablet. He was still not feeling well either, with a sore throat and headache. He was just laying in his bed with his tablet. I felt bad, and kinda wanted to just keep him home, but there’s not much sense in keeping a child home just for a cold.

Got on Fallout for a bit, but couldn’t really get into any questing because there wasn’t much time before I’d need to take Casey to school.

As it got closer and closer to time to take Casey to school, I kept asking him to get dressed. He managed to get out of his bed, but I kept going in there to see he was leaning against his bed still watching his tablet. Next thing I know, it’s time to go, and I realize I’d forgotten to pack his lunch! I was yelling at him to get dressed while also trying to rush to the kitchen to get his lunch ready.

Somehow we managed to get out the door only about a minute later than usual. But, on the way to the school, we got stuck behind some ridiculously slow drivers, which made us a couple minutes late by the time we got there. As I walked Casey to the door, I apologized for yelling at him, while reinforcing that his behavior was not acceptable. He really needs to listen better when we tell him to do or not do things.

Went back home and got busy on Fallout, working on gathering materials for things I wanted to build, as well as working on some quests I had left. I was able to beat the Deathclaw I’d failed to beat the day before, with Colin’s expertise to guide me.

Kept playing on Fallout throughout the day while talking to Colin. The mattresses arrived in the early afternoon. I was unpleasantly surprised to see that they were indeed shrink-rolled into smaller boxes than should be possible for even a small twin mattress that I’d ordered. I expected that, because they had springs, they’d be in a regular mattress box, not shrink-rolled like that. I got them out of the boxes and unrolled so they could expand, the paperwork that came with them said to leave them for 48 hours before use. It’s just as well they arrived a bit early, then. It would be about 1pm Wednesday before they’d be ready for use, but the bed wouldn’t be getting here until Thursday.

Logged out of Fallout around 2, and worked on my free book & paid emails. Then it was time to go get Casey. Got him to sit on the toilet when we got home, but he was done earlier than usual.

I was scrolling Facebook and happened to notice another parent from our Den said her son had been diagnosed with strep throat after having not been feeling well all day Sunday. I looked up the symptoms, and it was possible that we had been exposed. I got Casey ready to go to the ER (they have an urgent care setup in there also) so we could be tested. I started texting all the parents who were at the banquet on Saturday with us, and recalled that one of them had mentioned that his other child was at home sick that night. Sure enough, he confirmed his son had been sick with strep and his daughter was now running a fever. Great, so you have one kid sick with strep, and it doesn’t occur to you that your other kid will be a carrier of this contagious virus and pass it along to everyone else she comes into contact with? Excellent parenting right there, dude.

After a little more than an hour at the ER we were discharged. Casey’s rapid test came back positive for strep and he was prescribed amoxicillin. It’s possible he’s allergic to that, but the doctor had notated on his chart that he should be reintroduced at some point to verify if the rash he’d developed was indeed an allergic reaction. It would be non-life-threatening, so I was ok with that prescription. My rapid test came back negative, so they were sending it to be cultured and I would hear back in 2-3 days if that test came back positive. Pretty sure I have it, but they won’t start treatment until they get a positive test. I don’t mind, I’d rather not take antibiotics unless necessary, and am glad they don’t want to prescribe them unless necessary. In saying that, we’re all pretty certain I do also have strep, which I’ve never had before.

Once we were done at the ER we headed to Walmart to pick up the prescription, then back home. Casey had some dinner of mac & cheese and I had a frozen meal of country-fried chicken with mashed potatoes and sweet corn. I reminded Casey that the doctors said we both needed to drink plenty of fluids, so I got him some flavored water.

I called the school’s attendance line to leave a message that he would have to miss tomorrow because he is sick with strep throat. As long as he is fever-free for 24 hours, he can return to school as early as Wednesday. I’m hoping that he’ll be fine to go back then.

I got back on DDO to check again to see if anything had sold or if I’d heard back about the ticket I’d submitted. Nothing back about the ticket, and some auction items had expired and one sold. Got the expired ones relisted. Then I got on Aura Kingdom to relist items on the auction house there.

After that I logged onto Fallout, did a bit of questing but not a whole lot because it would soon be time to get Casey ready for bed. I managed to get to a “relatively safe” part where I’d just cleared out the enemies, and am hoping that it paused successfully.

Got Casey to do his important stuff and got him tucked into bed, and then went ahead and typed up Sunday’s entry and this one. I’m going to do a bit more questing on Fallout and see if I feel like continuing that until it’s time for bed myself.

I did end up finding something cool, some sort of supermarket i’m trying to clear of bad guys. But, I’m dozing off, so it’s bedtime.

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