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I blame the snuggly white kitty that was by my feet when I finally woke up! It was 7:45 when I came to. I ran into Casey’s room and got him to wake up, started crying as I told him he needed to get out of bed right that instant, that we were already late. I hurriedly put some clothes on while calling the school to let them know we were running late, and let him eat some cereal while I made his lunch. Then we rushed out the door, and I dropped him off about 20 minutes late.

Once I got back home, I got on Blade and Soul for a bit, but then I heard from Daniel and was invited over to his place for a while. I didn’t think I’d be there as long as I was, but we ended up hanging out and chatting (well, him chatting me listening mostly) while he played a game for a bit, then watched a movie, before we did, what we usually do. I swear to Christ I think I heard him say *something* about loving me but I can’t be certain what it was and with my hearing being as awful as it is I dared not ask him to repeat himself. Well, I could have asked him to repeat himself I suppose, but, too scared to. He did say he wants me to come over every morning after dropping Casey off. I will definitely have to see about that. Well, need to find out if he was serious about that part, or if it was an “in the moment” request. Anyway, by then it was time to pick the boys up from school.

Once back home with Casey, I saw Dave was in the garage cleaning his car. It looked like he’d been home a while already! I’d only just gotten on a call with Colin a short while earlier, and I’d been planning to go get some groceries later in the evening, so I ended up getting Casey on the toilet and then heading out the door.

Got some much-needed groceries while chatting with Colin for a bit, but didn’t prolong the trip because my knee was killing me from the events of earlier in the day. Headed back home, got the groceries put away, then heated something up for dinner.

Finally back on Blade and Soul for the day, I spent some time farming this and that with clan members until it was time to get Casey ready for bed. After he was tucked in, I got back to it and was going to do some more farming. But then shit hit the fan.

Autumn claimed to be bored from doing nothing but questing, said she wasn’t even interested in the end-game stuff like dungeons and raids and pvp. It seemed like a cry for help of sorts, in that I think she wanted others to ask her to stay. But, one asshat basically told her not to let the door hit her on the way out. Needless to say, I kicked him out. How dare he say something like that to the clan’s founder? Either way, it was too late. She left the clan and sent me some gold, saying she’d send the outfits too except they were already bound.

I ended up getting on voice with a couple clan members in our Discord server. The one douche that had basically demanded the music bot didn’t seem like as much of a douche on voice as how he had come across in text. I talked things through with them, and expressed that I didn’t know if she’d come back but that she might in time. Douche offered to leave the clan, because I’d explained that this all started with her after she defended me about the bot. She said he could leave either way, but it didn’t sound like she was coming back from that offer.

First the whole bot thing happened. When I caved in and gave them the bot, because I cared about other people’s happiness as much as, if not more than, my own, it made her feel like an inadequate leader. At the same time, she was growing weary from the hardcore questing and wasn’t happy with how the story was going, and ended up cheating and reading about what happens from that point forward. She wasn’t pleased with how it was to turn out. Then she was getting bored from questing, because her computer is crap and she has to wait 10 minutes during loading screens and there are a LOT of loading screens at this stage of the game. So she sends out a cry for help, and she gets shut down. I can see how things went the way they did.

Once we’d talked things through, we actually ended up listening to a bit of music. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but I wouldn’t be able to carry on a conversation while listening to music. I’ll just have to mute the bot if we’re ever talking at the same time.

We did a bit of talking but mostly we were just doing our own things on the game. I was working on getting better gear from some of the quests I hadn’t yet completed.

I started falling asleep, and for extended periods of time. It was only about 11, but definitely time for bed.

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