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Woke up ridiculously early, after very few of my alarms had gone off. It was about 5:30am. I guess all the nights at Daniel’s waking up to one alarm, no snooze, are having an effect on me lol. Grabbed a latte while the computer booted, then parked on SL.

Did some scrolling through Facebook while waiting for a reasonable time to start getting Casey up. He didn’t want to go out of bed, and then while he was getting dressed he complained his stomach was upset. He also looked kinda pale, but he ended up getting dressed and bounced out to the kitchen for breakfast.

Went to drop him off, and as we were getting out of the car he did admit he was nervous. I understand completely, he had a really rough time of it last year, particularly the beginning of the year and then the end. He didn’t object to going, though. We waited together until people started going in, then I walked him to his classroom.

Headed back home and drank some more coffee while working on free book and paid emails, as they arrived. I made yet another cup of coffee, thinking there was plenty of time before therapy to drink it, but ended up having to pour it into a travel mug to take with.

Therapy went really well. I told her about the high points and the low points with Daniel, and she explained to me how adults with ADHD do indeed constantly change their mind about things. The conversation left me feeling much hope, despite the constant uncertainty that will follow. We also talked about the writer’s block I’ve been experiencing for years, and I told her that Daniel suggested I just start writing because I could always scrap what I didn’t like. I told her I’d started doing work on my book, and for my homework this time she wants me to continue that.

He has recently gone back on his meds, meaning maybe he wants the stability between US not just in his own mind. Maybe?

After therapy, I headed back home and got on a call with Colin. He was playing Sims again, going on and on about what his Sims were doing, leaving me twiddling my thumbs wondering what to do myself. It’s hard to do anything separate when he’s talking endlessly about his Sims.

Picked Casey up at the usual time. I was waiting by some trees for him, but he wasn’t coming so I started walking toward the playground, keeping my eyes peeled for him. When he finally saw me, he looked upset. He said he was scared I wouldn’t come. Last summer during summer pack he was supposed to be a bus rider, until we found out that the program was at his school anyway. I’d told them I’d pick him up from his school then, but they’d put him on a bus to the middle school anyway. So I’d had to go there and find a very distraught Casey and give him all kinds of reassurance before bringing him home. He remembered that incident and that’s why he was nervous when he didn’t see me right away.

Headed back home with him and got him settled. Had him make something for Michael for me to give to Daniel since I was expecting to stay at his place that night. He ended up drawing a bunch of butts on a piece of construction paper, then later added “farts” and poops. I really honestly believe Michael will love it.

I’d been really tired all day, so I ended up laying down for a little while, but then my mind started wandering to happy thoughts about Daniel and I ended up getting back up, much to Max’s dismay.

Dave got home at a fairly reasonable time, then ran back out to Aldi to get a few groceries for himself for the week.

After Dave got back, I was talking with Daniel about our plans for the night a bit, but he heard from work that the roof they’d been working on had started leaking, as it was raining a bit there. He’d have to drive over an hour to get back there, and said he’d just end up staying at his parents’ house. But, he was worried about his dog, Princess. I’d said I didn’t think the cats would be too thrilled, but ended up telling him just to drop her off at my place, that everybody’d live. Turns out he had to rush out the door, and didn’t have time to grab her much less drop her off at my place. I said I could go get her, and I could tell he greatly appreciated the offer. I went and got her and brought her back to our house for the night.

The cats were curious but hesitant. There was some growling and hissing from them, but it didn’t stop them being overly curious. Meanwhile, Princess was noticeably nervous about being in a strange place with cats that had the audacity to not like her, lol. She loves cats. Finally the cats went to bed, and after watching a bit of Star Trek together, so did me and Princess.

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