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Got up fairly early and got my latte while the computer booted, then got on SL to park. I was still undecided about whether to bother with Summer Pack because of Casey’s swim lessons, but when he woke up about the time he should get dressed I decided I’d go ahead and send him to school. Got him dressed and fed, then went and dropped him off.

I needed to get gas in my car on the way home, but got delayed about 10 minutes by a train. So by the time I got gas and got back home, I had very little time to round up Casey’s swim stuff and some coffee.

Went and picked Casey up and drove out to Fort McCoy for the swim lessons. He did pretty good, he did get upset a couple times because kids were splashing and he got water in his eyes, but he got back in the water and did a pretty good job.

Dropped Casey back off at the school, then headed to Aldi for a few things. I was hungry, I hadn’t eaten anything yet, and there wasn’t really anything for me to eat at home. Got a few salad kits and a couple calzones, then went back home. I had a breakfast sandwich that I’d forgotten I even had, and then waited half an hour before putting the calzone in for lunch.

Got on Portal Knights in the afternoon to do some work on my rogue elf. During that time, Cyn was bitching again about how Daniel treats me. Finally I snapped, telling her I was tired of the backlash I was constantly getting for the choices I made. I was well aware of what his intentions were, I was well aware of the type of guy he was, I was even well aware of his health to know that he’s going to be constantly flipping on me. I still made the choice to be with him and will continue to do so. She ended up saying goodbye to me, not sure how long she’s going to ignore me this time. She either needs midol or to get laid.

Spent much of the rest of the day on Portal Knights doing various things, including buying adorable vanity outfits for my characters and building a little clothing shop on our home island.

Picked Casey up from school and brought him back home, and he got busy playing and watching shows and all sorts for the rest of the day.

I did manage to get on Aura Kingdom in the evening and did some of the daily stuff.

I decided I felt like reading, so I ended up spending a few hours with a good book. It was a romance and had me thinking about Daniel a lot, but I was still able to focus and enjoy the story.

Got Casey to bed about the usual time, but he had trouble falling asleep. I kept reading with some good popcorn to munch on, until about 10:30 when I was ready for bed.

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