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Woke up early again. Grabbed a latte while the computer booted, then got parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Once it was time, I dropped him off at Summer Pack, then headed back home.

Free book & paid emails were all in early, so I took care of those first thing. Then I got on Aura Kingdom and DDO to take care of daily stuff and auction houses.

When I heard from Cyn, I told her I was starting to think maybe she should say the stuff to Daniel that she wanted to say. So, she ended up sending a lengthy message to him, basically telling him why he’s a dick. She let me read it first, and I thought it was fine, that it was stuff he needed to realize and that he deserved to be told. He saw it about an hour or so later, and eventually blocked her. But never said anything to me about it.

I was curious to see if I’d be able to generate a world with it’s structures on Minecraft, then remove the resource pack that came with the world and apply my own. The only reason was because some of the Egyptian textures were broken. I got on and tested it, found that I could remove the resource pack, but in the case of the Egyptian texture it didn’t look right. Some of the blocks that were supposed to be red in the built in texture had reverted to their original purple. Stuff like that.

I’d hoped Cyn would want to get on and play with me, there was a world I wanted to check out but didn’t want to do it without her. But, she was waiting for an RL friend to wake up so they could drive her to the mall to pick up an order at Hot Topic.

Heard from Colin, talked to him while spending most of the day just looking at stuff on Facebook.

Picked Casey up at the usual time, and brought him back home. He got straight on Super Mario Maker.

I’d been wondering where a plush dog of mine was for a while, and went back down to the basement to see if I could find it. I found the treasure trove of storage totes, all kinds of awesome things in it! I ended up bringing back upstairs that dog, two sizes of Timon from Lion King, a popple, and a Build-A-Bear.

We had to go to Burger King to drop off a child leash someone had bought off Facebook Marketplace. We ended up having dinner there. When we were pulling in back at home, Dave was getting home.

Shortly after we got home, Jennifer showed up. Casey wanted to play with her, which was fine. I got in the shower, and when I got out it appeared she was folding Dave’s laundry. I thought, how dumb is that, she obviously doesn’t realize that if she does that, he’ll chastise her any time she doesn’t. Dave was out mowing the lawn.

Now, Dave had taken a shower first thing in the morning before work. When he got home from work, he took another shower. Well, when he was done mowing the lawn, he took a third shower!! No wonder our water bill is $115+ a month! Plus I’d taken a shower. After Dave got out of the shower, guess what happened. Jennifer took a fucking shower! Why the hell did she even need a shower? If she was going to her boyfriend’s house she should have already been squeaky clean.

After the shower fiasco, Dave cooked dinner for them. So, she’s going to use our water to shower, and eat our food too? Nice. If this becomes a thing, she’s going to have to start forking over some dough for it.

Just after 7, I tried to get Casey to do his bedtime stuff. He said he was hungry. He wanted an apple. We all raised our eyebrows, but nobody was going to refuse him that lol. It took him 45 minutes to eat what bit of it he wanted to eat. So I reminded him he needed to get his bedtime stuff done. It was about another 45 minutes before he finally got that done and I read to him then tucked him in. Then he wanted Dave to tuck him in, which is normal. But, he also wanted Jennifer to. That hurt. Whenever she’s around, I feel like I’ve been replaced. Now, when it comes to Dave, that’s all fine because I don’t want to be the victim anymore. But with Casey? It hurts.

Once all that was said and done, I got on Blade and Soul and did some questing on my blade dancer. I got to the new end of the quest line and logged off. I was hoping to get on Minecraft with Cyn, finally, but she wasn’t logging on and around 11 she said she was too tired so I logged off and went to bed.

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