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Got up somewhat early, did the whole cup thing, grabbed my latte while my computer booted up, then parked on SL while getting Casey up, dressed, and fed. Logged onto ArcheAge and did a little bit of questing. Dropped Casey off at Summer Pack, then headed back home.

Played on ArcheAge for a bit while drinking some coffee, then headed to Walmart for a few things. I was out of food.

I was walking around Walmart a little bit, already feeling hungry, and then nausea set in from not having eaten anything yet. I was able to make it around the store and get everything, though I was disappointed I hadn’t been able to browse as much as I wanted. By the time I got to check-out, I’d been having a full blown panic attack. I kept my deep breathing up though and made it through. Grabbed my favorite breakfast sandwich from Subway on my way out the door, then headed home. I’d gotten a couple cookies as well, and ate one while driving.

Got the groceries in the house and put away, then sat down and ate my sandwich. It took a while, when I get queasy like that I have to take breaks or it gets worse instead of better.

Got back to doing stuff on ArcheAge, lots of questing. I was almost to level 30, at which point I wanted to break from the questing and focus on getting gold to continue my Patron without having to fork over real cash. Cyn said it’d be doable, and I was enjoying the game enough to put the effort in and get, basically, a free subscription.

Picked Casey up at the usual time and brought him back home. He got on the toilet and I got back to the game. He clogged the toilet, which took me several attempts to unclog.

I made some salmon and pasta salad for dinner, and hoped that Dave wouldn’t eat any so I’d have some left over. He didn’t.

He started saying that he was sure the only reason Max flipped out on Jennifer was because me and Casey weren’t there, and that that wasn’t right. But I just think that what happened was too excessive for it to have just been that. I kinda wonder if she did something to piss him off. I swear, if Dave tries to get rid of Max over this, well he’s gonna have to deal with my wrath. Max had been behaving fairly normal for me since me and Casey got home, but something seemed off about him and I had scheduled an appointment to get him checked out.

Casey spent most of the evening watching tv downstairs with Dave. Once his “bedtime” alarm went off, I had him get ready for bed. Then I read to him from the Minecraft book, Diary of a Surfer Villager, and tucked him in. I’m really enjoying that book so far. It’s the complete series in one ebook and it’s pretty cute.

Once Casey was tucked in, I got back to ArcheAge. I’d hit level 30 at last, so I was working on planting crops and mining iron. The iron was to go toward my skateboard Cyn was helping me craft. After a bit of mining, I was ready for bed. I got parked up by where I’d planted some trees, so I could harvest them in the morning, then shut down and went to bed.

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