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Woke up after many alarms sounded. Got my latte while the computer booted, then got dressed and got Casey up, dressed, and fed. Got on ArcheAge while he was eating breakfast, so I could tend my plants.

As I was getting in the car to take Casey to school, I realized I’d lost my nose ring in the night. Took Casey to school, then headed back home. Daniel messaged about coming over. I didn’t say yes to “getting in position” (the way he likes me to be when he gets here) but instead mentioned about losing my nose ring and needing to find it. I’d found it just before he got to the house. He wasn’t happy that I wasn’t “in position.” Tough shit, you let me and my kid down yesterday anyway!

A while after he’d left, I got a message from Colin that he was home and would be on soon. I hadn’t realized he’d gone out anywhere. He’s not been messaging me about these things, and it’s getting very frustrating. We got on a call, and I headed to Walmart to get some things. Mostly groceries, but I also picked up a new lamp shade for my desk lamp. The one I had was blue and I felt like it blocked too much of the bulb’s light from the room, leaving my room feeling dull on cloudy days.

Came back home and got everything put away, and heated up some toaster scrambles. It was a little late for breakfast, but that’s what I wanted out of what I’d gotten. They were pretty darn tasty!

Spent a good bit of time looking for an ebook version of The Picture Bible. I’d been looking for it for years and was getting convinced it’d be out there somewhere. I did that up until it was time to go get Casey.

The mail arrived shortly before I had to go, and my Sugar Skull Paisley rug had arrived. I was super excited about that!

Picked Casey up at the usual time. On the way home, he told me that on Tuesday they were bringing stuffed animals and blankets because they’d reached a Paw Goal. When we got home, I looked in his Paw Binder but there wasn’t anything in there about it. Guess we’d just have to take a stuffed animal and blanket with us the next morning and see.

He laid on his bed and watched stuff on his tablet, so I got back on ArcheAge to tend my garden again.

Made sure Casey got dinner at a reasonable time, then he got on his laptop to play Minecraft for a bit. I got a bath started for him about an hour later, and had him get his bedtime stuff done with the promise that he could go back to Minecraft for a bit if he got it all done in time.

I was on Archeage doing trade runs at the time, and kept working on that. I managed to get them finished about the same time I needed to have Casey shut down his computer for the night.

Got Casey tucked into bed, then got back to ArcheAge.

I’d asked Brandon about helping me with Western Hiram Mountains, since my schedule for getting Casey to bed was off and I didn’t make it to the reset raid. I didn’t get a response from him, but saw that he’d gotten online around the time reset started. He ended up eventually saying he could help me, and that Cyn needed help too. I told him he could just help her then. That it’s too depressing to be around her when she’s doing this shit to me. That I could be childish and petty and say I asked him first, but no I’d just step back and let him help her.

I ended up just shutting everything down and going to bed.

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